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New Ear Candy: Rick Springfield


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I like it!

It's smartly crafted power pop. Rick has his little signature tricks, just like everyone else does. The only part that reminds me of "Jessie's Girl" at all is the verse. So what. You could just as easily make the case that the verse of "I Wanna Be With You" is similar to the verse of "Go All The Way." It is. I did it on purpose. I wanted to see how fast I could get to the chorus, so I'd have lots of time for at least three choruses and a good bridge. That was the song construction I happened to like back in 1972.






I was trying to cram as much into three minutes and change as humanly possible.Intros, outros, big meaty choruses.

I've always liked Rick's work ,and I think he is vastly underrated. He was just too good looking for a lot of critics to take him seriously, but they were wrong. He's a terrific writer, a cool singer and a REALLY good guitarist.

His only problem is that he likes "Pop", just like me.

Unfortunately, "pop" went out with "Abbey Road," and, although a few acts have been able to wedge the door open (Cheap Trick) it just hasn't been "cool" to have your amp set on anything less than "shred" for a long, long time.

The Beatles were really the last pop band to be taken seriously.

That's really a shame.

Rock on, Rick, and best of luck my friend.


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Sure the song is catchy. I was just remarking that people would click into the "Jesse" similarities right away, because they're right there from the opening muted guitar chords, into the verses. Doesn't mean the song isn't good.

I saw Rick's show in Calgary a couple of years ago. Terrific guitarist and energetic performance.

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