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Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC"

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Tommy: eeww!! That's disgusting! You Californians have some pretty gross and deviant ways of seeking pleasure.

Thank you very much...I resemble that remark!

Marvin: I don't know if you're joking or serious anymore, but Wendy meant that Brian died in the YEAR 1997.

Marvy...I meant he was 97 or 98...yeah, that's what I meant! Like, you thought I meant the year? Naw, I would have put a little sqiggle thingymagiggy in front of the 97 or 98. Um, yep! ;)

Anna: Lastly, I like kissing Eric's arse, it is the next best thing to the real thing, baby!!


Tommy, you have NO idea...right Wendy?

OMgawd...like, ok, ummmmmm...not having done any a$$ kissing from what I can like, ummmm...remember....WAIT! *thinking* Ok...

Nope, nope, no a$$ kissing...all I can say is I'll go with my Cali girl Anna on this, and why AREN'T I included when all this behind (bum for our British friends) kissing takes place? My lips are puckered and soooooo ready to go! I have enough cherry chapstick for a lot of smoochin'! Mmmmm---hmmmm---WORD!

Wendy - the OC girl who is still wondering if cotton candy is a carb or a protein? :lol:

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Like Eric, I too am a peacemaker so I have sat on the sidelines on this thread. However I have scored the fights

Peacemaker? Or troublemaker?

Tunes, I'm hurt :( . I do agree with you on the first two decisions, but I've gotta give myself the nod over Marvin. He made two separate challenges of minor, minor comments I wrote, and... I overturned both :lol: )

PS: Anna, thanks for your defense!

PPS: To the invading Sweet.com-ers.... Don't get the idea that you've caused any infighting here. We've been carrying on like this for years! :lol:

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That's right you "invading sweet.Com-ers" LC and I are friends who have shared many a tale during the past few years especially during my separation/divorce. However I have reviewed the video tape and the decision of the referee stands. (I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me during the Raspberry Fantasy Baseball League)

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I just posted this on the Sweet website:


Hello everyone. Just thought I'd set the record straight re Eric and the 'berries' and their charted songs. While they might not be as well-known outside of North America, both acts have had a number of 'hit songs in North America. In regard to the 'berries, their charted songs were: "Go All the Way" (Billboard #5 - 1972), "Let's Pretend" (#35 - 1973), "I Wanna Be With You" (#16 - 1972), and "Overnight Sensation" (#18 - 1974).

In his solo post-Raspberries career, Eric has hit with these songs: "All By Myself (#2 - 1976), "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (#11 - 1976), "Sunrise" (#34 - 1976), "She Did It" (#23 - 1977), "Change Of Heart (#19 - 1978), "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" (#35 - 1985), "Hungry Eyes" (#4 - 1987), and "Make Me Lose Control" (#3 -1988).

In addition, Eric's songs "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" are part of the exclusive "Million-Air's Club" - songs that have been played over 1,000,000 times over the world. So as you can see, neither the 'berries or Eric are 'one hit wonder's.'


Marvin (a fan of Eric, Raspberries AND Sweet)

p.s. the 2004 / 2005 reunion of Raspberries resulted in sold-out shows and a live dvd/cd, all met with critical acclaim


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