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Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC"

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Lew Bundles said:

Hey Eric...I'm using some of my best stuff defending you and your kissing Marvins arse?...Throw a smack my way once in awhile...

Do I have to spell things out for you, Lew? Do you not recognize irony when you see it? There was no kissing of any body parts. It was a subtly sarcastic jab, and considering my sub-plot battle with Marvin in the midst of this bigger war going on, I kind of enjoyed it: "Thanks for clearing things up for the rest of us once again. Your vast knowledge of rock history and everyone's place in it continues to impress."

Now, get back to the British Invasion....

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Lew Bundles said:

I'm over on the Sweet board slinging kidney pies and blood pudding around and no ones there to help me...BERNIE...PLEASE...Release prettymom, Daisy, BeatleBum and Little Susan Homemaker from purgatory and let them help me...Where's John O?...Buying another letter for his last name?..

Kidney pies? Blood pudding? :lol: Truly, weapons of mass destruction.

And I love the request for foxhole help from posters of the past! Did BeatleBum die, or not die?

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UPDATE on translations:

Since I've used a new term in my last post, I thought I'd clarify.

prat - idiot/fool

give us a kiss - pucker up Lew

Churchhill - Bundles

Just another boy in knickers - just another dude sporting women's panties.

kidney pies and blood pudding - weapons of mass destruction

jolly good - awesome

over your head like an aeroplane - Whoosh!

slap and tickle - Bundles and Antanaitis doing the "wild thang!"

"the Colonies" - America

across the pond - Atlantic ocean

commonwealth - Canada

North America - North America

Oh and as for Brian Connelly ... I meant David St. Hubbins, (named is derived from Saint Hubbins, "Patron Saint of Quality Footwear.")

If this keeps going, I'll have to be on top of it. WORD! (Full stop! for our British friends.)

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For me Sweet and Raspberries are the two greatest bands of all time. No one else comes in between those two in my opinion. Both Eric and Steve are both great individuals.

Unlike other glam rock bands. Sweet were virtuoso musicians. Lets face it the muscianship in the other glam bands wre not not quite top notch. Sweet were the exception. Sweet Fanny Adams is the GREATEST Sweet album in my word and criminally was never released in America. The live and underated cd Live At The Rainbow is worth checking out. The live sound of the cd outshines the studio renditions with a whole lot of rawness to it. Sweet were Poison and Motley Crue before Poison + Motley Crue only with better musicianship. Ahead of their time indeed.

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Like Eric, I too am a peacemaker so I have sat on the sidelines on this thread. However I have scored the fights:

SWEET VS. JOAN JETT - I take Joan Jett carreer -wise and on this song even though it's a cover. I am a Sweet fan however.

ERIC & LEW BUNDLES VS. PANASONICQ - Gotta go with my homeboys E & L.

LC vs. MARVIN - Although I consider both of them friends, LC'S recent posts have been for too insulting of several of my other friends on this site and far too a__-kissing of Eric's for my taste (did I say that) so Marvin gets the nod here

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a** kissing of Eric's? Wow Tommy, I am very surprised you would post such nonsense.

Actually, you do post nonsense... :P

But seriously, Larry is a wonderful person.

Like I always tell my 15 year old son....

" If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all."

Lastly, I like kissing Eric's arse, it is the next best thing to the real thing, baby!! :P

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marvin said:

I don't know if you're joking or serious anymore, but Wendy meant that Brian died in the YEAR 1997.

Marv...Its a joke...Lighten up...When did you become hall monitor?...I second Bernie's idea of banning all foreigners from our board...Just think, nobody from Canada, England or New Jersey anymore...

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