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Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC"

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Larry I disagree with your statement that I'm prone to disagreeability. ;)

"You Don't Mess Around With Jim" was a major hit here, but just because an album was released in a country on the other side of the world, does not mean that that album was well-known. Now THAT's a "sweeping generalization."

Sweet fans vs EC fans aside, if you're going to refer to Sweet as a footnote in the US, you may as well call Raspberries the same in the UK. Sweet had a few big songs in NORTH AMERICA, but were massive in the UK and Europe - much bigger than Raspberries were.

We tend to put Eric and Raspberries on a pedestal, but the reality of the matter is, Eric and Raspberries are loved by a minority, and there are many, many people (like those in the UK), who consider them, rightly or unjustly, a 'footnote.'

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marvin said:

"You Don't Mess Around With Jim" was a major hit here, but just because an album was released in a country on the other side of the world, does not mean that that album was well-known. Now THAT's a "sweeping generalization."

No, I didn't say "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" was a major hit in the UK. I quoted the lyric, and after you came down on me for referencing a song that "means nothing" to people in the UK, I said, well, that's a sweeping generalization. I never said they were big hits, or well-known; I just pointed out that a British record company pressed the single and album of the same name. What you've done is put words in my mouth to help support your argument, which is speculation and a reach.

I hate these kinds of picky little arguments. I wouldn't mind it if you were correcting something that was actually incorrect. But what I wrote was totally valid! Just like the North America reference! You don't need to correct things that are right.

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First I want to say that although the Raspberries will always represent a lovely, more innocent time of my life, I have not been a devoted fan such as everyone here. Likewise with Sweet.

I have never spoken to Eric Carmen but I have talked with Steve Priest on several occasions. I can say that I have never heard him say much of anything complimentary regarding any bands that toured with them; usually quite the opposite. (Note to the Sweet fans: This is not to say he has never said anything complimentary, but I personally have never heard it from him.) So what he said about Eric Carmen does not surprise me. SP doesn’t even have many nice things to say about his own band mate of many years. I doubt EC is terribly bothered by it, but I wouldn’t take it too much to heart.

I have also heard from a few others that toured or played with Sweet that they weren’t entirely charmed by Sweet’s attitudes either, so I don’t think EC is alone in his opinions. I think it’s possible that there is some fact as well as some fiction in both parties’ accounts. And I don’t think the issue here is who the bigger success was; both parties seem to have their own legion of fans, as evidenced by this little dust-up. I think the issue is that Sweet seemed to be somewhat dislikeable to those who had to work with them. And they themselves have even admitted to being incorrigible back in the day. A b*tch-fight between the fans this many years down the road is laughably childish…is there anyone commenting on this who was actually there on that tour besides EC and SP themselves?

As for EC’s retorts here to SP’s comments, it’s his message board; he should be able to tell it as he sees it. I believe SP had his own board at one time and I’m sure he said whatever he wanted to about whomever he chose. He doesn’t seem the type to censor himself. And it seems SP was the first to make public comments about EC many years before this thread in his book, being as how it was published 1994, I believe.

It’s been a long time since Steve Priest was an active performer. I understand he has had health problems. I believe he has even had trouble just managing to hold his own instrument. He appears to be the weakest link in his own new version of Sweet. One might have thought this would be an almost acceptable excuse for his negative attitude in recent years, but it seems that even as far back as 1994 he seemed to feel the need to malign other performers.

Perhaps being back in front of any sort of audience will help to alleviate some of his bitterness.

Oh and I would almost always say, across the board, that an original is better than a cover. However, Joan Jett doing AC/DC probably makes more sense.

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Raspbernie said:

Heh! I knew approving panasonicq was gonna lead to a fight. After all, his "Interests" were "SWEET, Alice Cooper, GOOD music that was actually interesting." But I approved him anyway, seeing as how we all probably needed a thread that discussed music for a change! And who doesn't love a good fight?!?


Anyway, welcome to the Message Board, Mr. P. You got what you had to say off your chest, but keep in mind there are an awful lot of us here who are true music fans. What somebody's hair looked like, what they wore or whether they just sat behind their instrument without prancing around the stage has little bearing.........

Oh Bernie! Grooooooowl!

Ok...all kidding aside, I don't think ya'll realize by your in depth postings on music, there are those like myself who are actually learning something new.

I, being a chick and even part of James' harem (the OC chapter), proudly admit that I'm logical when need be and emotional by nature so, when I listened to a song it was usually just to dance or sing to, because, yes...you could dance to it and it had a good beat. Or...it was just plain old romantic and who knows who I thought I was in love with at that time.

As I grew older, I actually listened to the lyrics and could appreciate what the artist was trying to convey.

I have to say, while in NYC having lunch with Lew and Bernie, my best friend and I were extremely impressed by their knowledge on music. Tammi said, "I have never had a more enjoyable lunch speaking on a subject that we could have spoken about for another 3 hours." Sho nuff, we were one of the last ones out of that restaurant after lunch.

So you see, there is always someone listening...someone reading your words. In between the clusterf*ck (that's my new word ;) ) of name calling, I was actually reading and learning and I am liking it.

I will continue reading this thread and hopefully when all the "effenin'" this and "wankers" that (I think that word is stupid anyway) slowly disappears...I won't have to go 'dumpster diving" through the posts for some new musical knowledge. It will just "pop" out at me.

From a chick's point of view - all this testosterone being thrown around is somewhat...exciting...but as we all know, throwing words can hurt as much as throwing a punch. Eric Cardboard? *yawn* How original, that's like calling me Wendy Hepatitis or Wendy Vaginaitis. Yeah, I was called that a few times. Though I laughed outside, inside it upset me—it's MY family name being attacked—and I happen to LOVE my family name and its history. When one attacks another's name, them be fighting words—"Put 'em up...put 'em up!" So that Steve dude's a prat (to use a British term I don't believe we've used yet ... I'm tired of wanker) for even bringing that whole last name thing up in his book. Sorry, he could have spoken about Eric without attacking his name.

panasoniq - I really do like some of Sweet's songs...I even sang Little Willy to a bartender just last week. Guess what HIS name was? But I have to admit, the clothes were never my thing. As for the makeup—I always liked pretty boys and with glam—daaaaayaaam, those boys were pretty! Hello Marc Bolan! Sex on legs ... yum! Which brings me to Eric's hair—I happened to LOVE his full mane! That "hedge" didn't need to be trimmed at all. As I have said many a time, I could get lost for at least 2 weeks in that hair. And may I add I would have happily shampooed it while I was there. Yeah, I have weird little quirks like that.

Anyway—I just wanted you guys to know that I am actually learning in between the name calling. It's oddly amazing.

Well, I am off to see about adopting a kennel dog for myself and later, who knows what will be new on this thread? Perhaps we'll really discover its all Lew Bundles' fault. We really need to reconsider making him the UN Ambassador for this board! ;)

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Wendy...always a breath of fresh air!

Lew...troublemaker at heart!

Larry...in a fight, I want you on my side!

Bernie...always the moderator and a humble soul!

Steve...you keep it short and sweet...best one-liners on the board!

Marvin..your knowledge is as vast as the Universe!

Eric...a true gentlman and in a fight, I also want you on my side!

You all are wonderful people!

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