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Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC"

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It is a hoot, James.

The only thing is, I just went over and read Panasonicq's original remarks -- the posts leading up to his debut here. And I've gotta say: He's got no class at all. And perhaps no teeth either!

He wrote: "Why post my response on the SWEET board when I'd much rather give the little tosser some real good feedback and I do mean a total assault on his non-existent achievements in the music industry. One post only would do, get banned for sure (I'd be upset if I wasn't) Just need to get on there and give the little shite some home truths, Eric WHO?"

And he wrote: "Just been on 'Cardboard Carmen's' site and he is so, so very much up his own arse. He makes more comments about himself than his brainless so called 'fans' do.

He likes to use the word 'wanker' and that describes him to a tee. Although I'd much prefer to call him a total PR!CK."

And he rallied his countrymen to do the same.... Yeah, he was funny when I was reading only his comments over here. Now he just seems pathetic.

Panasonicq needs to get himself a life. And he and his fellow fans ought to face up to the fact: All that money they spent seeing their heroes live in the 1970s may have been wasted on taped "performances." Milli Vanilli, anyone?

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Hey LEW, My jokes went out with the magna Carta? What about your hair? In style around 250 million years ago, cretacious period. Is it made from cardboard ? Looks like shite.

I'm sure 'Eric' would just love it, something to remind him his hedge needs cutting.

Lew, xxxx Panasonicq.

Eric = F-OFF.

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Defend your (my) corner at any cost. That's what's happening.

Best Wishes, 'P'

LC= YEAH, you read that right, why should 'we' take that crap from you and 'Carmen', okay, a bad post to start with but all guns blazing was my first thought, let's argue, but now we can be more 'adult' about it, if you'd like that is. Your call.

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Hmmmmm...I thought I'd step in and help with "international translation" just so we all can keep up on exactly what we REALLY mean and what our UK counterparts are trying to convey to us...because we all know, something could be taken the wrong way. And one wouldn't want THAT to happen...would one? ;)

Also, I threw in a few extra words, just in case they come up during the "rumble."

So here goes --- to the left is the British wording and to the right is the Yank's wording--- enjoy:

shite - sh*t

fcuk - f*ck

fcuk me - f*ck me

F-OFF â- f*ck off

wanker - j*rk off

wank - to j*rk off

wanking - j*rking off

tosser - see wank

arse - a$$

PR!CK - pr*ck

willy - d*ck

bollocks - bullsh*t

humourous - a hoot

brainless so called 'fans' - that's all of us!

LewBundles - Lew Bundles

Little Willy - Lew Bundles

Panasonicq - Lew Bundles

handbags - purses

hedge - Eric's gorgeous hair

bicarbonate of soda - baking soda (good for indigestion in either country)

to hoover - to vacuum

cello tape - scotch tape

National Health Service - See James' question

pompous fcuking wanker - pompous f*cking j*rk off

recogise - recognize

Sweet - Milli Vanilli

Brian Connelly - Nigel Tufnel

screaming knicker wetters - all the girls on the ec.com board! WORD!

Full stop! - WORD!

Eric Cardboard - Eric Carmen

Eric who? - Eric f*cking Carmen...that's who! (oops...there goes my tourettes again - sorry. :lol: )


Ms. Antanaitis - at your service! :)

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panasonicq said:



Defend your (my) corner at any cost. That's what's happening.

Best Wishes, 'P'

LC= YEAH, you read that right, why should 'we' take that crap from you and 'Carmen', okay, a bad post to start with but all guns blazing was my first thought, let's argue, but now we can be more 'adult' about it, if you'd like that is. Your call.

No love here, not if you're going to write things like "Eric = F-OFF."

The war of words started with a passage in a book.... But it ends when you tell Eric or anyone here to f-off. That's not an adult argument. At least not in America.

Well, maybe this is the best way to respond:

Try not to cringe.

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I can hardly believe you're making cracks about MY hair after I just returned from Sweet's website. They look like they broke into some tranny's closet, and then got into mom's makeup. Those mullets they're sporting went out with Prince Valiant!

What was that one dude wearing....a corset? Very rock'n'roll. Might start a new fad. Mullets, spandex and corsets with six inch platform heels.

I'll bet they caused quite a stir on Argyle and Vine, back in the day!

In any case, I'd like to officially apologize if my little recollection ruffled your feathers. I was only responding to the story in Steve's book referring to me as "Eric Cardboard". No need to get all nasty and defensive about it. I'm sure that beneath the spandex and mullets, they were probably a fine bunch of hardworking and talented lads.

I could have deleted all your posts, but I've left them in 'cause I'm a peacemaker at heart, and I think we got off on the wrong foot.

Shall we call a truce?

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And how about a little "Love Is Like Oxygen"?

C'mon, everybody...

Love is like oxygen.
You get too much
You get too high.
Not enough
And you're gonna

Pure poetry, I'm tellin' ya!

(Oh, you want the long version? If you've got 7 spare minutes, here you go:

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Heh! I knew approving panasonicq was gonna lead to a fight. After all, his "Interests" were "SWEET, Alice Cooper, GOOD music that was actually interesting." But I approved him anyway, seeing as how we all probably needed a thread that discussed music for a change! And who doesn't love a good fight?!?


Anyway, welcome to the Message Board, Mr. P. You got what you had to say off your chest, but keep in mind there are an awful lot of us here who are true music fans. What somebody's hair looked like, what they wore or whether they just sat behind their instrument without prancing around the stage has little bearing.

I happen to really like "Ballroom Blitz," "Fox On The Run," and "Love Is Like Oxygen" a whole lot myself. Sweet wrote some GREAT singles, no question, and although Desolation Boulevard was in my "go to" stack of vinyl LPs, I never really felt it held up from the first to last cut.

Never flexing the same glam muscle as T. Rex in my book, Sweet, was a band that IMHO had its tongue firmly planted in its cheek at all times. Although, I must admit that in the "tongue firmly planted in cheek" glamegory (I just made that up!) I enjoyed Sparks just a touch more. "Talent Is An Asset," "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us," "Something For The Girl With Everything," anyone?

Speaking about T. Rex, if you're looking for a comparative between Eric's influence on power pop, you'd probably have to go to Marc Bolan to kick off the glam movement, so there's really no sense comparing Sweet (a great band, don't get me wrong) with Eric (whose '70s band Raspberries really started a fire). I mean, taking nothing away from "Ballroom Blitz," but the next most influential glam artist has to be Bowie, right? I'd even slide Slade slightly ahead of Sweet in the glam Top 5 ("Mama Weer All Crazee Now," "Cum on Feel the Noize"). And what about Roxy Music and The New York Dolls?

Again, these are all my opinions, which shouldn't amount to more than much! And for the record, I happen to think Queen "walks on water," so don't even mention them in the same breath as Sweet.

Anyway, like I said, nice to be talking music for a change!

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When the 'berries broke up and I was looking for some music to fill my "rock" void, two of the very best albums for me were Sweet's "Off The Record" and "Level Headed." Yeah some of the lyrics seem juvenile today from the perspective of a 40+ year-old, but there are many songs by other artists, including the 'berries, whose lyrics now seem silly.

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marvin said:

Larry, if our UK friends don't know about Eric's career, I'm pretty sure your Jim Croce reference means nothing to them.

I don't think you can make sweeping generalizations like that. Well, I guess you can, especially if you're prone to disagreeability. But... it's a fact that "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" (as song AND album) was released in the UK in 1972.

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marvin said:

Ok this is totally silly. I'm not defending anyone - and Eric certainly doesn't need you or anyone else to defend him.

Wow, Marv! You're not taking sides? But Canada is part of North America, and you personally are the all-time leading poster at EC.com. What gives?

Actually Canada is part of the Commonwealth. </strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Just to clean up another bit of disagreeability.... I said Canada is "part of North America," Marv. Your response -- as always, an effort to correct me -- was a non sequitur. North America is a continent, and Canada is part of it.

Just to refresh your geography, I pulled this from Encarta's online encyclopedia:

North America is the third largest of the seven continents, including Canada (the 2nd largest country in area in the world), the United States (3rd largest), and Mexico (14th largest). The continent also includes Greenland, the largest island, as well as the small French overseas department of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and the British dependency of Bermuda (both made up of small islands in the Atlantic Ocean). With 528 million inhabitants (2008 estimate), North America is the 4th most populous continent; the United States ranks 3rd and Mexico 11th in population among the world's countries.

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