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Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC"

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Is it Sweet, or The Sweet?

Welcome to the board, Panasonicq, even if you had to get riled up a bit in order to register. I will say this: Eric is a stand-up guy, and a great person. He's the last person I'd consider a "wanker." Some of us here are wankers, sure, but I wouldn't include Eric among them.... :)

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I don't think Eric cares if someone likes the Sweet...I know he knows people like the Sweet...Eric said he liked the Sweets music...He just thought they were jerks...just like Steve thought he was a jerk...Did the 4000 plus members here go vent on the Sweets website to give Steve shit for stating his opinion??? That's between Eric and Steve. Almost anyone who likes the Sweet is gonna like The Berries...and vice versa.

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panasonicq said:

OKAY, ENOUGH SAID, let's get on with being nice people and not get nasty anymore, said my piece, Regards to you all.

I guess E.C will read this and then it will start gettin' nasty all over again, let's hope NOT.

Since you appear to be the resident Sweet expert, can you tell me what the deal is with Andy Scott and Steve Priest? Do they hate each other that much that they have to splinter into two 'cover' bands?

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Why do they need to come here and 'defend' them?

I have NO desire to go to that message board and defend Eric. What is the point?

Plus, the only feedback Eric got for the comments he made, were YOURS!

Lastly, because I am not going to waste my energy on this anymore, you are the one who made some VERY inappropriate, ostentatious comments.

On HIS message board no less!

You lash out and then retract, only to lash out again?

Thanks Tim, I have NO desire to see a bunch of people put down and ridicule another human being.

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What actually transpired here was a member of the EC.COM family went onto the Sweet board and quoted Eric's comments. We're all very protective of EC here, so of course it was not so unpredictable that someone from the Sweet board would come here and protect their band.

By the way I checked out panasoniq's Profile, and he (?) lists "My Girl" and "Boats" as his favourite EC song and album, respectively. Me-thinks this person actually knows Eric's music, since neither of these could be called 'well-known.' How many people here can say that they are familiar with Sweet's non-hits?

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And all this time, I thought their album was called

"Give Us A WANK"!!!!!!!

Lighten up panasonicq! I was just havin' a little fun. I didn't know the bleedin' drummer was dead! I don't know a thing about the band, except that they weren't very friendly to me and my band.

I haven't thought about them for one second since the tour ended in 1976.

I wish Steve, and whoever else is still alive, all the best.


Eric Cardboard

P.S. I'm pretty sure they turned their amps up to "eleven!" :lol:

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