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Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC"

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I've known both bands since way back when, but I am one of the "Sweet site" people who is from the U.S. I don't think the Raspberries were very big over in the U.K.

In fact, wasn't their first hit Go All The Way banned from the BBC. Which seems silly now. (We did something similar to the T.Rex song Get It On which we renamed Bang A Gong but at least it wasn't banned)

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Fact is, I grew up in Columbus, OH and the only Raspberries song I ever heard on the radio was "I Wanna Be With You". I never ever heard "Go All The Way", and I listened to the radio a bunch.

On the other hand the radio played virtually every Sweet song mentioned here a ton, and I liked some of them.


Raspberries (still) > Sweet


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Just found out that Steve's Sweet is playing at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT on May 16. I'm DEFINATELY there and hope anyone from this board can be there. Great place and the show is FREE!!! Let me know. Good way to fill in the void with the lack of any Raspberries show. Eric played there on the Ringo tour at the arena. The Sweet show is at another division of the casino.

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G'day everyone. My first post, it took a few days to register, due to a fault in the system somewhere. Many thanks to Bernie for correcting it.

I am originally from Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. Now live in England. Sweet used to be equal number 1 group for me. My favorite groups now are Journey, Styx, Alice Cooper, Slade, Status Quo.

Slade were huge in a lot of countries except America and Canada, although small areas warmed to them. You might like this video clip:

I made a visit to the Sweet board after a long absence from looking, and read this whole thread. Inspired to register after reading Eric's coments below.

Brian Connolly died Feb 9th 1997 . After reading the heated and now calmed writings of you people, I am reluctant to bring this up. Eric's overall attitude and comment in the above quote is disgusting. He seems to think he is a lot more important than he really is.

One thing he does deserve praise for, is taking part in his own message board. Although, when you have fans who worship your every word, it will stoke his ego to write more.

Mick Tucker died of leukaemia on 14 Feb 2002

From what I have read on the Sweet board, Mick Tucker was always friendly to people, a top bloke.

Andy Scott and Steve Priest are rude buggers.

Andy Scott is usually in a bad mood and at times, when a Sweet fan has approached to talk to him, been told to fuck off.

I saw Andy Scotts Sweet (they used to be billed as that) in New Zealand in the 80's. I saw them twice. In a small place which was packed with a cheering crowd.

Mick Tucker did a fantastic drum solo. No pre-recordings involved. When he started his drum solo, the crowd sniggered as if "glam drummer doing a solo". He quickly impressed and had the crowd in awe.

I saw them a second time in a bigger venue with a small crowd. I got eye to eye contact with Andy Scott. He didn't crack a smile and looked pissed off throughout.

1.5 years ago, I flew to Denmark for a holiday and see Andy Scott Sweet support Slade in concert. When I walked in the departure lounge, I walked past Andy Scott. It had been several years since I had seen him in person, so was not 100% sure it was him. Shortly after, his drummer and roadie arrived, also Dave Hill, lead guitarist with Slade.

I had met Dave Hill before and he was nice to talk to. I considered going to them, but hesitated, not interested in talking to Andy Scott. A call came out for people sitting in seats number 20 and higher to board the plane. They all got on, while I waited for my turn. When I boarded the plane they were all sitting in their seats, except Andy Scott was in seat number 3. I thought "typical bastard, won't wait."

Do you realise, the name Andy Scot's Sweet was abreivated by his fans, for ease of writing - ASS - and that is exactly what he is.

Steve Priest...he sometimes writes on the Sweet board. I have seen a few rude and unhelpful comments from him, to his own fans.

A lady was buying a guitar for her son. He asked Steve for advice on what to look for when buying. His reply was "Buy anything."

I played guitar a little bit, so I added "look for a guitar with low action. Makes it easier to play." A few other people added advice.

Steve used to have his own message board, where he would regularly slag people off.

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hollies65 said:

The point in Eric's post was that, as written, it appeared that Wendy was saying that Brian lived to the age of 97 or 98. I don't think it was as big a deal as has been made. You're free to make your case here though...you won't be deleted. I really hope this is the end of this, it's getting stale.

A few of us have mentioned that we are fans of Sweet, but as Steve (Hollies65) has mentioned, this thread has gone on for too long. It needs to be locked.

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OMG :D This is a thread and a half.

I'm a Sweet fan and a Brit, and I have great memories of seeing Brian Connolly's Sweet many times right up to the early/mid-90s (various line-ups). Gigs were packed out (I fainted once because it was so hot and crammed) and there was always a brilliant crowd. Andy Scott's Sweet still tours and his band is great. I think he used to be a bit short on patience, especially if there was feedback on the mics, but when I met him by chance at a gig a year or two ago, he chatted to me and my sister for ages. When we saw him live the last time, we were in the front row and he made a point of throwing his guitar picks to us. I haven't seen Steve Priest's American band. I realise it can be incredibly disappointing to find out "pop stars" can have a rotten side too, because you like to think of them as perfect.

My sister was part of the crowd chanting "We want Sweet" at the beginning of Teenage Rampage and when I bought a video of Sweet for her a few years, ago, we couldn't believe it when she was shown at the beginning entering the concert hall!

Glam rock (in my glam rock fan humble opinion) was great fun. Fun days. Fun music.

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You're quite right about Andy being 'bad tempered' (It's this fuckin' monitor man) but I think he has mellowed slightly over the last few years.

He gave me the 'hand written lyrics to Action' for my birthday and came along to my 'surprise' party. He got on stage and played 'Smoke On The Water', The Ballroom Blitz' plus two others with Bruce Bisland (resident Sweet drummer now) Chris and Tino Troy from 'Praying Mantis' and Danny Hynes and his band 'Paddy Goes To Holyhead'......To be up there with the guys was just brilliant.

There are some photos from this night on my homepage on the 'Sweet Glam Forum' along with snaps of Sweet memorabilia like stage clothes etc.

You can always go and view our 'old' band on Youtube called 41,Main. Look for 'phobosUK' or 'panasonicq'. Have fun.

View my images?

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