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What made the Beatles so great?


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I feel McCartney was much more "melodic" than Jamerson,McCartney played alot "behind" the beat, which is hard to put into type, I cannot describe it in mere words.... just my opinion, (no wrong or right answers).Chuck Rainey, and Carl Radle were fav's of mine too.Radle played in the "McCartney style".

Beatles music writing changed with the times,they seemed to have that "sixth sense" when it came to writing timely masterpieces.

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Entwhistle filled all the gaps, being that there was just 1 guitar in the band.And he did it VERY effectively. Others that had to "fill the void", and never seem to get the recognition:Geezer Butler(Sabbath),John Paul Jones(Zeppelin)and of course Geddy Lee.

Marvin we should start a "Fav bassist thread"!

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Looking back over the thread, I must disagree with Tim who says "Paul is good, but don't get carried away". I'd say Macca is great...and if there was a more melodic player [We're talking starting in the mid 60s] and pretty damn inventive. I hear him doing stuff no one else was doing...starting with those melodic lines!

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