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New Raspberries Video: Let's Pretend


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On 2/7/2009 at 1:18 PM, raspathens said:


Bump, just for the chance to see this fan-shot vid (thank you, Raspathens) from the first Highline NY show in 2007. I was at this show and had roughly the same vantage point, but I was down on the floor level.

And... I get a kick out of seeing our old friend BeatleJay — belly-up to the stage — going all nuts near the end. Good times. Wish we had more.

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On 2/7/2009 at 3:21 PM, Eric Carmen said:

Each show had a different vibe.

The first Cleveland show in 2004 was incredible, because it was the first time we'd played for our fans in over 30 years, and we played for 2 1/2 hours.

The Chicago show was great because it was NOT our hometown and the fans were every bit as wonderful. Additionally, the Chicago HOB is just a beautiful venue to play. I love that room.

The second New York show at B.B. King's was great because the audience was so close to us, and New York was always the city that really "got" us.

The L.A. show that became the "live" CD was fun, but it was plagued with problems throughout the night. Pauly's shaker exploded on "I Can't Explain" knocking over Wally's coke , which spilled down the front of his amp, and the beans from the shaker got stuck in between the keys of Pauly's keyboard, causing them to stick all night. Bernie's montage didn't work at the beginning of the show. Jen cut her leg open coming around the riser to sing on "I Don't Know What I Want." The L.A. audiences are , for some reason, always more jaded than in most of the other cities.

The best acoustics, set list, and overall performance was the last Cleveland Show at the State Theater. That one had everything.


And... so newer posters don't miss it... Eric gave us a synopsis of the series of shows they did. The L.A. one had its trials and tribulations (Kirk and Bernie, you were both there), so it's interesting to hear the ultimate insider recall that show's challenges.

Then there's Eric's rave about the very last show. Hey, thanks for reminding me that I had tickets for that show — $75 each — but got snowed in over here in New England and didn't make the trip.

Ugh. I swore I'd have another chance. I was wrong. 

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