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1,000,000th Hit on EricCarmen.com


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I have to give somebody credit...who figured out how to get that counter moving as quickly as it did? Over 2000 hits in 4 hours....but I guess if every registered person checked the site about 3 or 4 times today we'd be right there!

Darn it...I thought I'd be close and next thing I knew it was at 1,000,445, when at 9 AM, it was on 998,200 I thought I had a few hours yet

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Well, it's one million. And, I'm astonished, happy, in awe, proud, thankful to everyone who made it possible, and too late. With my schedule, I'd have to find a time sooner. But, oh well. What a buzz, though, for the winner!

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pauliemississippi said:

The question now is... is our next milestone 2 million, or will we still get goodies for smaller milestones?

I hear that the next milestone is for 1,963,404 hits, and the lucky winner will receive the following:

* An autographed photo of Beatlebum
* A 12-second shopping spree at Stein Mart
* Half a bag of dark chocolate M & M's
* A dream date with Tony Cartmill, all expenses paid (by the winner, not Tony).
* Denis Leary

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