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So, if you were to step into my office at home (otherwise known as Bernie's room), you'd see a major stack of CDs, CD-Rs, video tapes and cassette tapes right next to my computer.

I've started digitizing every single Eric Carmen and Raspberries interview, performance and demo that I have. The end result will eventually be an online MULTIMEDIA ARCHIVE that will allow everyone access to the coolest of the cool to watch, listen to, study and enjoy.

I still need to figure out the best wasy to present the ARCHIVE, but because this material is RARE and much of it has never (thankfully) appeared on bootlegs, the files will be encoded so that they cannot be easily downloaded to your personal computers.

All of the material will be instantly available here online at EC.com for your viewing and listening pleasure! I have no estimate on how long this process will take, but I hope to start uploading files soon. Thanks for your continuing support of EricCarmen.com!


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Good luck on this major endeavor!

I know you've had this site going much longer than our Artful Dodger site, but one word of wisdom I can give is that regardless of how well you encrypt and try to protect this stuff, somebody, somewhere, will figure out how to bypass that security (That comment comes from over 25 years in computers). Just make sure that what they can steal is not worth pirating.

For music - we finally ended up encoding MP3s at 56KPS - far from CD quality but still fairly easy on the ears. For video we compressed down to about 150 FPS in Windows Media Video format - again, this makes the audio and video viewable without making it worth pirating.

With an artist as popular as Eric Carmen (as well as, The Raspberries)and the rare material you have, you'll probably need to be much more careful than us.

I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to seeing some of this great material! By the way, if you need any help, just shout - I'll do whatever I can!

Thanks for the site!


PS - Don't forget that some of us dial-up users still exist!

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