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Hey Bernie...Credit Where Credit's [Over] Due

Lee Marshall

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You know I found myself feeling guilty this afternoon. I guess I [maybe some others feel this a bit too] find that I can be a little guilty of taking things for granted. I visit a small handful of music related sites...perhaps another 6 or 7 with a degree of regularity.

They all have aspects to them which entertain me...inform me...compell me. This is definitely one of the very best. You and Eric, of course, deserve a lot of credit. I appreciate the interaction which you both contribute regularly. AND I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making the site a clear [and clean] success.

I have to pass credit along to the membership as well. A very reasonable and friendly bunch here who, by and large, ALL know their 'stuff'. The place has a nice 'vibe' and I just feel that a heart-felt THANK YOU is more than just a little overdue.

So Bernie...Eric...EVERYONE...Thanks.

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I would concurr Lee! It's a terrific place to "hang out" where we can all 'feel at home'. Say what's on our minds without hurting each other's feelings. All the while getting the priviledge of being able to 'visit' with our favorite artist and our fabulous webmaster!

Thanks again Lee for reminding us what we sometimes forget.


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To live and to hold, this site forever and forever, thall shall never forget thy creator of this wonderful website and all artists and fan friends.

Your all in my heart, I wish I could say two hearts, but I only have one big heart.

This heart has to be healthy, just by drinking MILK, lol

And listening to Raspberries music and chating with the band, so wide spread.

That a Reunion concert is the best, to bring all together again.

To smile at all the guys at once and shake their hands, and click, have a photo taken with them.

To take home and cherish forever and to never, never mis-place the photo, but, to hang it on your wall.

To polish and keep it cleaned.

Through the looking glass.

And to say, "I saw those guys", "They really put on a great show" a show always to remember, in the mind, through fans hearts.

We all stand for, Raspberries, Eric, Wally, Jim, and Dave

Amen, God bless us all.

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Yes, indeed, Paulie - yes, indeed. Gracias again, Bern-meister. :)

Can't wait for the party and the big celebration! I guess I've been checking out this site since very near to its beginning. (Before I even had real net and the ability to see more than text!) So I look forward to being at the celebration with the proverbial bells on!

And, Gord, I promise I won't cry for you even though you have that banjo on your knee. :lol:


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