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All I can say is my house is very clean today,

I need to mess-up something to cover my tracks.

Two days of little distraction has allowed the time to even get the closests clean!

They are going to catch on to me soon if this continues.

All I have left to do is the windows and I don't do windows. :p

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Wow, glad that's over! I felt all by myself! Everything seemed so bleak! I wanted to run away but there was nowhere to hide. I would've banged my head against the wall, but it hurts too much. I was glaring at my screen screaming "Eric, do whatever it takes to get that site back up, I wanna be with you, don't make me lose control"! Probably other members were doing the same thing, like a bunch of desperate fools. If the website had ears, I'd tell it "last night you abandoned me, but tonight you're mine!


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Raspbernie said:

Oops. I spoke too soon as the website was once again down for a few hours this morning. I can't wait until everything settles down once and for all and all of the problems have been solved.

Bernie.. I hope you realise how important you are to our lives. :lol: When EC.Com goes down you are THE MAN and our lives go into chaos until you work your magic. :rolleyes:

You Da Guy Bernie ;)

Muzza :cool:

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The official explanation:

"On Tuesday, May 27th, we experienced a complete loss of power that resulted in a prolonged service interruption for many of our customers. During the outage, our technical support and customer service queues were also off-line, as our primary call center for North America is based in the same facility.

"Although we have redundancies built into our power, network, and system architecture, they were circumvented by a cascading series of events, beginning with the rupture of a coolant system at approximately 7pm, EDT. The rupture and subsequent coolant leak occurred in the power room and damaged both the primary UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) unit and its backup. This event also triggered our fire safety system and cut all power to the affected zone, which in turn prevented the generator from automatically starting.

"Although power has been restored to the facility, several systems were adversely affected by the sudden loss of power. Each of these systems are being diagnosed and repaired by the engineering team, who have been working around the clock since the situation began. Most of these systems have since been restored, and there are no known cases of data loss or unrecoverable systems.

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this outage may have caused, and are working around the clock to complete the repairs to our facility, and minimize any further interruption in service."


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I had major withdrawl-not being able to sign on for 2 days, then my internet provider did upgrades and screwed up our internet service for a day. So I was EC.com free for 3 days. I was having major withdrawl. Signed on quick this morning to see if I could get on before I went to work. Had to see if there was anything major going on that I missed (and I missed everything while I was off!) :wub:

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LC said:

Speaking of coffee and EC.com, maybe we need EC.com coffee mugs?

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, posting how addicted you are in this thread. I'm only in here to say that I agree with LC that we should have EC coffee mugs.

I'm NOT in this thread because I like it and I'm not on EC because I like EC. (Liar liar pants on fiar! :):) )look at that she cant spell

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Five years huh? Reminds me of "Silverado"... when Paden and Emmett are discussing the guys who had attacked Emmett that morning... and realizing they were not the same guys who had left Paden for dead in the middle of the desert.


Paden: You piss anybody off lately?

Emmett: Not for five years.

Paden: Five years huh? Carson City?

Emmett: Levenworth.

Paden: Never been in there...


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