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Last night a server issue affecting all websites with EC.com's hosting company came up. It took them all night (and into the morning) to work things out. Everything seems to be back online now. Sorry for the interruption. Sort of makes you see what life would be like without EC.com! I'm guessing an awful lot of you are so addicted that this morning was pretty brutal. Again my apologies. Your internet version of Red Bull is back, so take a deep breath—that's right—everything's gonna be okay.


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I thought it was personal, sniff, sniff....

Okay, I know the highlight of my day is folding laundry, EC.com keeps me sane between loads.

It was like going cold turkey, I have no idea how much I spent on Nordstroms.com, Amazon, and eBay trying to comfort my withdrawals !

Darn that online banking, I can't even hide my purchases anymore.

It took all the fun out of shopping .

I am so glad you are all back :lol:

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Since I work with servers that host a bunch of websites, I figured there was some problem that wasn't an easy fix, or there was a major spam attack on the servers.

However, I'm addicted to EC.com, too, and was trying really hard to send good vibes to those working on the issues. Glad to have everything back to normal. Now I can stop looking for that support group site that John found.

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Bernie, it's TOUGH to start a day without A) coffee and a quick browse of EC.com. Whew! Then there's the EC.com fantasy baseball league site....

PS: Speaking of coffee and EC.com, maybe we need EC.com coffee mugs? I bet if we had a supplier create one with, say, the cover of Fresh or Boats Against the Current along with your logo, a bunch of us would buy one or more.

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