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EricCarmen.com Makeover!


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La-Z-Boy-Official Site? Hawaiian Music Codes? Artery Clearing Secret? I certainly do not object to a little advertising/revenue generating. Bernie's should get some compensation for all his hard work and effort over the years. I just wonder if something a little more relevant to the members wouldn't be a better use of the space.

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Ha ha. I'm still trying to sort it all out, Jerry. I have to admit, even though they're supposed to be targeted to site content, the Google Ads were all over the map content-wise, so they're gone. Unfortunately, the only way to test things out is to go live, so I decided to just jump right in this morning to check things out.

So far, the HOME page is the only one to get a makeover—looks rather spiffy, no? All that blue was looking a little dated. To me, at least.

Anyway, to use a quote from the Wizard of Oz, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" Until then, who couldn't use a little artery cleaning?


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