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Beware of Your Avatar!

Paulie Mississippi

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James,  wow --- Gordon Lightfoot fan?  Maybe his headshot would be a good avatar for you. . . help you increase the herd, oops --- you said harem is what you had, not herd of .... well, I'm going to be nice and edit myself here.

Your second saving grace --- not ashamed to say you're a fan of Gordon Lightfoot.... me too.  ha!! :P

6  6
__/     AnneNR

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No Anne, the term "herd" is fine.  I believe in honesty.  And chicks are a lot like cows.  They are. So "herd" works for me.


P.S. I've only owned one of his Best Of albums.  Having said that, there really aren't many sounds out in the music world at the quality level of Gordon Lightfoot.


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P.P.S.  I also like Bobby Goldsboro, (2 of his songs:  "Watchin Scotty Grow" and "Honey"), The Partridge Family, ABBA,  The Sound of Music, Barry Manilow and Tommy Roe and the Shondels.

I have been known to shed a tear when listening to Lobo.s "Don.t Expect Me To Be Your Friend".

Ok, cool people  ---first one to laugh gets a punch in the FACE!!


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