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In the early days of the Forum, most visitors had never heard the term, “avatar.” The Forum that I initially used included a bunch of generic images, and I added quite a large collection of pics—Beatles, pop icons, cartoon characters as well as Eric/Raspberries related options to choose from. Eric has previously talked about enjoying “Dobie Gillis” on TV when he was younger. I’m sure, as Susie surmised, that he saw some of Dobie in himself. Lots of people did, which led to the show’s success. If he really wanted a Dobie avatar, I could have made one for him.

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Well, if it brings Eric back....

I'll be honest: I've never seen an episode of Obie Gillis. Enter YouTube, which offers (among others) this episode, which has a music angle: "When Dobie starts singing like Elvis Presley, he finds that it drives the girls at school wild. What's even better is that Thalia Meninger, the love of his life, has taken notice and decided to become his manager."

Hmm. I wonder if this very episode may have influenced Eric...


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