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Very cool, HT! I chose mine because I've always had to laugh whenever I see Eric's crooked little smile. You don't get to see it too often but when you do I always wonder what he's up to. Like slurring the words in the first line of Starting Over on the video.<smirk>

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I just came upon this thread. I chose my avatar back when they were first offered, and thought my choice was the coolest picture of Eric. That was long before Raspberries got back together.

I just updated my avatar to reflect the Raspberries reunion and all that has happened in the past two years.

:) --Darlene

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Since childhood I have been a fan of Laurel and Hardy. Stan Laurel portrayed a lovable but bumbling character who was always stepping in... something. Always making a mess, of disastrous proprtions, though he meant well. He always made me laugh. I always identified with Stanley, but not so much with Ollie. For those who are fans of L&H, "The Piano" is, by far, my favorite.

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