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I often wonder about the inspiration behind the avatars so many of you chose.... Some might be obvious, but maybe there's a deeper meaning, because most of the time, people do put some thought into their choice....

For example: Marlene, I love Mrs. Jetson, and she's an incredibly nice person, but what prompted you to choose her? (Besides the fact that you're an incredibly nice person, of course!) Tony, why Uncle Fester? Billy S, that's gotta be your favorite Beatles album (Beatles '65), but it's not your standard "favorite Beatles album" --- was there one song that pulled you into that one? Sterling, that's gotta be your favorite Beatles record (Rubber Soul); is that the first Beatles record that "hit" you? Ras-Wine, Pet Sounds is one of my top 5 albums of all time, so I thought about that avatar, too. Travis, is that a little Ringo head? Chris Hess and Matt Clark, you don't have an avatar---can't decide? Don't want one?

I'd love to hear everyone and anyone's reason for their avatar choice.... I'm just being curious. Hope ya'll don't mind....

PS: As for me.... I had Boats Against the Current as my avatar for a while, since it's the record that I've listened to more than any other.... But I kept seeing Bernie's and Mymooladi's Boats and thinking it was me, so I switched to the record that got me into the Raspberries in the first place.... Album #1.


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How fun ! Hmmmmm....well for some reason, The Jetson's has ALWAYS been my favorite cartoon. I just love the neat little "gadgets" and flying machines and the vacations on Venus...and Jane is just so COOL. I even named my first husky "Astro"...(I know, it's a little weird)..but when I saw the avatar, I just couldn't resist. :):)

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Laura, that's a good one! That's how I looked a few months ago when my Mac's hard drive bit the dust. Seriously.

James, I was including you (and everyone else) with my little catch-all line "I'd love to hear everyone and anyone's reason for their avatar choice...." Good choice.... You are a patriot! (to quote Jackson Browne).

Eric, I just checked and I don't see Dobie Gillis up yet, or even Archie Andrews, but... it was good to catch up with all the choices. I hadn't looked in a while.

In fact, Bernie's got some great avatar choices up there---Mickey Mantle (I might have to switch to that for a while), the Surfer Girl album (ditto), Marilyn Monroe, a few Beatles I hadn't seen, Born to Run, peaches, and even the various planets. including Pluto. (Wait, is Pluto still a planet? I get confused....)

Alas, no Whitney Houston!

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When I first joined here my choice was the cover for EC's "Definitive collection". Why? Simply because I didn't see anyone else using it! LOL

Then I changed to the Belushi one, since the night before I had watched The Blues Brothers for the millionth time.

I'm thinking of changing it again, but theres none of Sheryl Crow...


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