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Raspbernie said:

Just uploaded the butcher album along with red and blue for TheScentLady :-)


Thanks Bernie. You're a peach. I only mentioned the red & blue albums because of the Raspberries connection. It's actually tough to pick out an avatar from all the great choices. In honor of the EC.com Fantasy Baseball League, do I go with the Yankee logo? Maybe the Snoopy avatar (used to buy all the Peanuts books from Scholastic when I was a kid). The Paul bobblehead doll looks fun. Or maybe stick with the Eric avatar. Decisions! Decisions! What's a gal to do? So many avatars, so little time. Thanks for the new avatars & constantly making EC.com a fun place. It's appreciated.

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Hey Bernie,

Maybe you should put somw avatars up of some of the Got Milk? campaign ads. (Sheryl Crow). It would be cool to have the ones with musicians in them (Sheryl Crow)

Off the top of my head I can think of the ones with Elton, Kiss, Van Halen, and I think some woman musician just did a shoot for the ads, Sheryl somebody...


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