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Beauty of "Nowhere To Hide"


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hope this message finds you in good health for this new year. i am a musician/writer in los angeles. i make my living playing on other records as a well as a songwriter with the occasional cut.

it's a wierd time to be in this business. i am a member of the grammy's. when invited to the doings during the year, i see a lot of names, but i hear no songs. reading bob lefsetz' blog, who gets it right so often, i wonder where we are headed.

to me, it's in the songs. the craft of writing has been sold out to the packaging of popculture. i have to play as a session musician on a lot of stuff i could have played when i was a beginner in highschool. (i'm 38)

nowhere to hide, boats against the current, love is all that matters, etc. these songs, this album, is such a huge part of my life. my musical style is a compilation of beatles, james taylor, stevie wonder etc. but my emotional connection to music as a player or composer is always measured up to how your songs make me feel. i humbly thank you for changing my life. from the 8 track in the station wagon as my mother drove our family around to school to the 3 albums, and the 2 cd's, it is up there with aja, sweet baby james, abbey road.

i toured with carl wilson and asked about this album. i've heard the stories, read your interviews. i have had similar experiences with producers, played with some of the musicians that played with you.

i don't know how you view a project from long ago. in my world, it's like looking at an old picture. what would i have done different, why did i give in to that producer etc. but believe me, as a non fan letter writer, i want to assure you, you did it. it's beautiful.

as i listen to this music, i'm cleaning my house, putting away christmas decorations, and preparing for 09. i am comforted, inspired and moved by your gift.

if you are in la for NAMM or whatever, look me up, i'll buy you a cup of coffee.

god bless and keep this year.


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GREAT post, Miguelli! I believe most of us, like you, found something intensely personal in Eric's music. We heard songs that helped make us feel good when we were up, as well as made us feel like we weren't alone when we were down. Life changing stuff. Welcome to EC.com and our little online community!

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Well, That letter made everything I went through to make that album worth it.

Thank you, Miguelli, for your wonderful message.

When I wrote and recorded the "Boats" album, it was my greatest wish that people like you and Bernie would hear it and be moved by my lyrics and music. It has always been my most personal recording.

You made my day.


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Wonderful words there, Miguelli. It's always a thrill every time I read or hear about yet someone else who knows Boats so well, and who got so much out of it. It's been criminally underrated all these years, yet there was obviously an "undercurrent" of fans who connected with it. "Nowhere to Hide," indeed!

I also thought your comments about songwriting today were very astute: "The craft of writing has been sold out to the packaging of pop culture." Good songs may still get written, but they're so hard to find -- and often (for me) not worth the hunting when I'd rather listen (for the millionth time) to any number of songs by Lennon & McCartney, Brian Wilson, Springsteen, Jackson Browne, John Stewart, Henley/Frey, Jagger/Richard, E. Carmen, etc.

Anyway, another welcome to the board.

(PS: Were you at the Raspberries' LA show in 2005?)

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Very astute post indeed...you captured the thoughts and feelings of many of us here very well, Miguelli. As an addition to what LC said, I find myself listening to the tried and true...the writers and songs who stand the test of time. Even listen to much more jazz and such than I ever dreamed I would. I love good pop music, the combination of lyrics and melodies...and it has been so sadly lacking in recent years, it's almost enough to depress a person.

Hey, wait! If I feel that depressed, I can pull out "Boats" and listen to it! If I need that magic mix of words and music, if I need to listen to a phrase that I know as well as the proverbial back of my hand just to see if I pick up on or "re-notice" a certain nuance...well, you get the picture. "Boats" (and "ICR" naturally) are my first stops.

Being a young female when I discovered Eric and the 'Berries led to all sorts of comments and assumptions by others, many of them directed at me in a less than flattering way. Excuse me, but we women can recognize good music and love it for what it is. Yeah, they are all good looking men and I appreciate that as much as the next person. But it's always the music first and foremost for me....which brings me full circle to the sadness of the decline of the quality of the pop genre.

So, thank you for posting, Miguelli, and welcome. And thank you again, Eric, for "Boats" and the other music you have given to us.


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I agree as well. Your observations Miguelli are right on the mark. I'm your age and I too have noticed that the music we listened to as kids is not of the same quality(by this I mean lyric and music)that it was back then. The music that is written today most likely will be forgotten 6 months from now.

My feeling is that the rest of the world may not know how brilliant of a songwriter/lyricist Eric is until(not to make anyone feel sad here)it's too late.

I am just now starting to really appreciate and enjoy all of the music that was crafted in the late 60's, early 70's. I personally don't listen to the radio much since most of it all sounds the same. No depth, emotion or even human-like quality.

I've had the chance to have my children listen to Eric's/Berries music and they enjoy it as much as I do.

Thanks again Eric for all of the wonderful and timeless music you have given us to enjoy and share with others.

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It was great to read your first post, miguelli! There's something so satisfying when you hear about yet another person whose life has been touched by the music of Eric Carmen...especially someone in the music business. I listened to your music...the lyrics were beautiful! I can see how you could connect with Eric's songwriting talents. The timeless beauty of the "Boats" album has truly made an everlasting imprint on my heart and soul also.

Reading your post makes me wonder how many other stars in the sky are shining just a little brighter tonight...all from being touched by the heavenly sound of the music of Eric Carmen...

Best of luck in your music career, miguelli. I'm looking forward to hearing more of you music. Welcome to ec.com!

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hello ec people, and eric.

just had a chance to read responses and have to say, my word of 2009 is providence. (from the goethe quote on commitment.) it was my intention to reach out to eric and to hear how you all feel was quite gratifying. i have been a few inches off the ground. and i would like to add that as much as i love the ballads on boats, tonight i drove to santa barbara to a gig with "take it or leave it" burning up my car speakers. eric rips his vocal cords like lennon on "twist & shout" and the groove is more soulful than the stones!

a few examples of how boats is with me:

the first professional tour i did was in 92 with the beach boys. i was nervous of course but the first time i sat with both carl wilson (god bless) and bruce johnston, this album came up. they both had great things to say about it AND were happy that i knew of and loved it.

last spring i produced a few cuts for joshua kadison. i was playing back one of his tunes on the piano to him to ask about a voicing he was playing. when he asked how i was able to pick it up so quickly, i played the intros to nowhere to hide, boats, runaway and love is all that matters for him. if you can play these tunes you can play any pop piano song.

my first tour of my own songs with just my guitar brought me to a lot of small radio stations, and when i would be asked about my influences, i would sometimes mention boats which was always confusing because there i was with an acoustic guitar. no piano, no quartet, etc. but i would talk about the emotion and how it didn't matter what the instrumentation was. you would be surprised how many dj's would know and talk of a favorite cut.

i will shut up after this because i don't want to appear obsessed. too late!

i do listen to other music. you don't want to get me started on the beatles.

but truly, this is an excellent example of amazing writing, singing, playing, arranging, dynamics, versatility, artistic endeavor, and pop sensibilities. i mean, buckmaster and eric arranging and conducting strings, nigel olson, jeff porcaro (god bless) and eric playing drums, andrew gold and burton cummings AND eric singing, reising, zito AND eric playing piano and guitars, it's gets better each time. there are a lot of orchestrated records from the late 70's, but they sound dated. this still sounds fresh.

i will even publicly admit that in my sophmore year at berklee, my professor did not like the composition i wrote for a final exam in a classical style and was going to fail me unless i re-did it. it was to be performed live on piano with a trio whose parts i had yet to write. well the night before i had finally gotten a date with a girl i had a crush on all semester. i knew i would not get a chance to come up with a new composition as i was busy! we listened to a cassette of boats all night on loop. in the morning i got up early and just wrote parts out for the trio of "runaway" i played the piano part and got an A! thanks, eric!

ahhh... was that too much? oh well. i live in the town of bs music and biz, so it's not often that i can express how i feel about great music.

have a great week and just know how honored i was to hear from one of my musical heroes.



ps i was not at the sunset/hob show but i did pass eric and the guys at a morning show out here, mark and brian. i was too nervous to say anything.

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Miguelli, hop on over to the 'Cruisin' Music' section- a few of us have visited your MySpace page and listened to your work. Good stuff!

It's interesting to hear about the people, both professional and otherwise, who have been touched by Eric's music. It's the reason we all found our way here. Too obsessed? Not with this crowd! Share some more stories when you have a chance :) Kirk.

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Eric's music touches the heart, especially Boats.

It must be disappointing indeed to be in the business and see where it's been heading. When one has been used to the best, it's difficult to see poor quality rewarded and accorded accolades.

I feel so blessed having grown up listening to great music.

Have fun at EC.com. Am looking forward to your wonderful posts!

:) --Darlene

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