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Halloween is only 1 day away! - I need some suggestions!


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Anyone actually dressing up for Halloween this year? I'm always stumped for a creative costume - seems women over the age of 30 usually go for the "witch" costume. Not at all original. Last year I saw a kid in an iPod costume - with "i want candy' written on it. It was so cute.

Anyway, thought I'd ask the sarcastic and brilliant group that you all are if you can think of anything you can do with a bald head? I thought of painting my head/face orange and going as a pumpkin - but that's just not very impressive. Any ideas? I've got the bald head - might as well make the most out of it! wink

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I'm not saying what I am going as tonight because my gal-pals peek in here

But in Halloweens past...

A Pink fuzzy dice

A deviled egg, made with a red wig with horns and an egg made out of poster boards.

A few years back I went as Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter. eek That was a Huge hit.

Lady Godiva Chocolate- Long long blond with cute brown dress and a box of Godiva Chocolates

A Spa Diva - Use a bathrobe and a thick facial mask... you get the idea.

My husband has gone a a Highway, black shirt and pants, make a road stripes with tape and loop stitch little cars on his road.

A tourist with an aloha shirt, hat, shorts and sunglasses, don't forget the camera

Cereal Killer

Empty Cereal Boxes,Plastic Knife,Fake Blood.

Gangster, biker, Lumberjack, mother nature

I could go on and on....

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I think my son, Brian, was going to be a picnic basket. Slit the side seam of a box open and tape it inside-out so the writing is on the inside. Use a market to make a basketweave pattern. (You'll also have to rig shoulder straps to keep it up, string or yarn perhaps?) Tie a tablecloth, preferable plaid, around you so it folds over the box and tape on paper plates, plastic silverware, and plastic cups.

A couple of years ago Annie was Fudge Ums from Pizza Hut and that was a huge hit.

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my favorite (and award winning, I will add) costume is anne bancroft's teacher character from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" - the one who gets pecked to death. Wear a black skirt and get a white buttoned down shirt (I used my husband's old work shirt) get lots of flocked birds or feathered birds from a craft store (black construction paper will also work) and wire the birds to your shirt, your hair and drizzle with appropriate fake blood. For an added touch, have a fake eyeball hanging from one eye (blacken eyelid with eyeliner) and keep the eye closed while being judged!

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Last night there was a mad cow, a sports fan, vampire and vampira, an exterminator with his wife - a spider (very cute) extra arms stitched on a black shirt, a nerd, scientist, male nurse and lady doctor ...

I was little red riding hood and Bill was the woodsman.

This was a subdued party, it was a week night so everybody behaved accordingly, nothing wild or over the top

Happy Halloween !

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