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your iTunes input, please


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I was the recipient of a very nice holiday gift: money to spend on iTunes. I have several things under serious consideration, but I want to get the input of some of my ec.com friends so that nothing is left unexplored.

There are several of you who have known me or at least known of my tastes for years ('Rico and Mellie come to mind), some who I've become friends with while here (Eric H <of course - hi there!!>, Laura, TT, Marv, Kath, Sterling, ScentLady, Bern-meister and more), plus many more I know who will have incredible thoughts for me.



Better to buy complete albums where warranted as that makes the fun go a longer ways... smile

Your thoughts, please??

Muchas gracias in advance.


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I knew I could count on you, ScentLady. smile And to take your comment one step further...any input on those songs? You know I like the 60's as well as 70's (non-disco, that is).

For the rest of you, I also like jazz (Kenny G is not jazz, thank you very much), classical (remember, I'm a flautist), and my motto is that the genre doesn't matter so much...just as long as what they're doing, they do well!


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I have a beef about ITUNES, IPODS AND CEL-PHONES.

We all have something small right,we

want something to download music that is small to carry around and listen to all our favorite songs on.

Now, companies have ways to expand our full blown listening experience with attachables to our IPODS, CEL-PHONES AND ETC.

Examples, small stereo speakers to attach to IPODS.

Why not just buy a regular stereo system.

I found out, when I downloaded Itunes download site through Windows Media Player, you can download the itunes site, for downloading songs to your media player.

But, you have to pay to use the Itunes music store, also, you have to pay for your music.

That really sucks, Apple Corporation and others are really finding ways to suck money out of consumers for extra services.

I'm happy only to use Puretracks.com, no fee for useing the site, free registration, all you pay, is for the music download.

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