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Getting Drunk....rotten day......


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Oh my. This is soooooo out of character for me. I'm normally such a happy, cheerful little person....but today just sucked.

I know, I should put it in perspective with the rest of the world's problems. I'm alive. I'm not injured, I have my health. But, today just sucked in so many little ways. So, I'm sitting here, drinking Captain Morgan and Diet Coke and feeling all pi**ed off at the world.....

It started this morning when I couldn't get the 12 pack of orange pop opened so got the sissors out and punctured a can. Orange pop goes squirting everywhere and I couldn't tell which can it was coming from.

Bad hair day.....no need to go into detail here.

Pants too tight. Too much eating, not enough exercise. My own da*n fault.....

Garage door gets stuck on the way up.

New computer at work. That was great! But...inbox was all goofy and couldn't figure it out. (ok--this one is a little whiney...) The files that were transferred from old computer didn't all transfer. Sigh.....

Went to pick up new embroidered work shirts. One had my name stitched, "JULIE" while the other said, "JUNE"????? HUH???

Somebody brought bakery rolls to the breakroom. I ate one. Pants are even tighter now!

Had to wait in huge line at the grocery store when I was purchasing 2 balloons. Then, no one available to fill them with helium, so, I went to fill them myself. (it's a small town--they appreciate my help!) One balloon wouldn't inflate. Guy shows up to help. Wouldn't inflate for him either. Another guy shows up (where the H--E--double toothpicks were these 2 dudes when I was waiting in line???!!!

Car below "empty" and then had to sit and wait for a train!!! Chugged into "Kum and Go" (I kid you not, this is an actual name of a gas station chain in the midwest--totally disgusting, but that's another drink on another day!!!!) Gas was $2.94. Everywhere else it is 10 cents cheaper, but I don't have enough gas to get there!

Asked nurse to go and purchase a going-away gift for another nurse where I work. Thought that was ok as I explained all of my woes.

Went to court house and got new tags for my car at the tune of $309. (that really sucked)

Went back to work and ate a tuna fish sandwich while working at my desk.

Got called to the office and got my A$$ chewed because the nurse said I wouldn't go buy the present because I didn't have time......

Went to a retirement party for a lady at the bank. Picked a very lousy dessert that has now given me gas and a tummy ache. (sorry if that's too much info for some of you to handle)

I know there was more, but, I'm on my 3rd Captain Moran and i reallly don't evn care.....

oooooooo!!! Got home and foun a leter from the Iowa treasurs ofice and i owe more mony. Now that relly sucx!@!


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Ok, today was dreadful but let's just hope that you got all of your jynxes out of the way all at once! :rolleyes: DON'T keep drinking or your going to jynx tomorrow with a hangover! crazy Take a deep breath, give your husband a hug, and plan on how you want tomorrow to go. Set that in your mind and start taking steps to make it happen: set out your clothes for tomorrow (try them on if need be so that you're not going crazy in the morning), put all of your work stuff together, check your dayplanner to see if there are any events you need to get things for or remember to attend... You get the picture --- organize and prioritize. Now, another deep breath and another hug from your husband! happy

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My,oh my, Julie !! This does NOT sound like you at all !! eek

Sorry you had such a rotten day, and I can understand your need to unwind. There have been times when I really could have used a bottle of wine and a straw !! I just hope you don't wake up tomorrow with a pounding hangover !!

Life does have a way of getting complicated sometimes and it usually happens all at once !! Isn't that a "Murphy's Law"? frown

I hope your day goes better for you tomorrow. The weekend is just about here so you can leave all that happened today behind you.

Keep smiling.......it makes people wonder what you've been up to !!


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oh girls. You're all just so sweet and helpful. My sweet hubby is making the drinks for me! Lol! He says I forgot to say that I woke up in the midle of the night and so I didn't get any sleep and that's my problem. He agrees=--very out of character for me.

Oh my....all of the hugging of the husband is NOT going to help me get any sleep tonight Kathy Lee!!

I went and ate a lean cuisine pizza so am feeling a little better now. Also had some powdered peanut butter. Really goodd stuff!

Oh my.....I an't believe that Lew isn't chiming in on my miseralble state of biing...........


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Put the Captain away! He is not good at this time. Your frustrations sound like ones I run into all the time also. But I guess I try to avoid "anger management" problems. My BP cannot take any more elevation. If you find out some socially acceptable solutions ....please pass them along. Meanwhile good luck in Emmetsburg!


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Julie, When it rains, it pours. And there seems to be more than enough rain happening around here right now.

Captain Morgan is like stress eating--neither one ever solved a problem. When both wear off, one is sadder and fatter.

You listed several things that went wrong. But innumerable things happened that went RIGHT, but you didn't notice them.

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to focus on what goes right. Life is not made up of big moments--but the little ones all strung together. Focus on the happy things--not the run in your expensive hosiery that you get as soon as you put them on!

We all have those days that seem like everything goes wrong, but it's usually because we're in a bad mood to begin with so we focus on the few negative events rather then the positive ones that day.

Good luck!

smile --Darlene

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Two weeks ago I was had a bad day as well.

Bill and I had a Really Big Charity event at a she-she poo-poo club.

I didn't buy a new outfit so I thought I would treat myself to a facial. The girl talked me into waxing my eyebrows, I never do this, but what the heck I'll treat myself.

I laid back, relaxed and felt the warm wax then a jerk and then I heard "gasp, Ooops".

She removed the center of my one of my eyebrows completely !

She started crying.... I looked in the mirror and I started laughing, I couldn't stop.

They didn't let me pay for the facial, and sent me home with three different color eyebrow pencils to try to cover and blend.

It has started to grown back a little, but it still looks weird.

Everytime I look at it.... I crack up. haha

Getting mad won't make it grow back any faster.

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Good Morning All!

Today is a new day! I'm up early, got a great night's sleep. Very slight headache--seems to be more sinus related than Captain Morgan related.

My hubby redid my taxes last night, and it looks like Iowa may actually owe me money! Lol!

My hairdresser does an absolutely awesome job on my eyebrows! (Oh Bessie Boo--my reaction would have been the same as yours--I'd have laughed!

Actually, I am very positive and upbeat. Yesterday, was just "one of those days" and it certainly didn't help to get chewed out by my boss. That's what really pushed me over the edge and made things not funny anymore.

I got up this morning and read Kathy's post and really felt awful and knew that my life really is great and wonderful and I really didn't need to drown my sorrows. My prayers are certainly with Bernie and Kathy. Oh my.

Thank you all for "being there" and I gotta say, when I reread what I wrote, I just laughed. Oh my spelling! Lol!

Have a terrific day all!



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Well, Friday was a little better, but not great. Did manage to keep things in perspective though. But, my mom ended up in the hospital, so it wasn't a perfect day. We ended up making a 3 hour trip to come home to see here. Thankfully, she's not farther away!

Blessings and thank you all so much for your positive and good advice!



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Julie, I had to go to your profile after reading your opening post and I'm having a little smile picturing that girl with her third Capn' Morgan in hand...Glad things are getting better, but sorry to hear about your mom. Hopefully, she didn't get into your Captain Morgan (just kidding). Let us know how she is doing. Kirk.

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Julie, I totally feel for you, but don't worry. We all have those days. Just take a page from AnnaR's book and listen to "Sunrise." If that doesn't help, then nothing will.

Beth, you had me rolling on the floor laughing! Thank you so much for some much needed mirth. You are a fabulous sport and I tip my hat to the most forgiving person on this board!! hahaspinlaugh

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