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Favorite Christmas movie/show

HT from Mo

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A Very Brady Christmas.

Just kidding. You guys have covered the first three that came to mind for me:

* It's a Wonderful Life. Worthy of an annual viewing, IMHO.

* National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The attic-door scene that floors Chevy Chase still gets me laughing.

* The Grinch, both the vintage 1966 cartoon and the Jim Carey remake. Is there a cooler character around than The Grinch?

* A Christmas Carol.


* Scrooged, starring my favorite actor, Bill Murray.

* The Ref, with Denis Leary. Lots of laughs....

* Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, because my girls dig it.

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Speaking of "A Christmas Story," my good friend Barbara was married in the 70's and early 80's to Carl Zittrer, who did the music for "A Christmas Story," "Porky's", and several other flicks directed by Bob Clark.

You haven't had the full bizarre "Christmas Story" experience, until you've watched it with Barbara....who personally knew all of the extras used in the movie, and points them out when they appear....Carl was one of the convicts/burglars trying to break in the family's house during one of Ralphie's dream sequences. Ralphie drives them away with his Red Ryder BB Gun....I think Carl gets shot in the ass. Meanwhile, Barb doesn't have a clue who the real actors are. ("What else was Darren McGavin in?")

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