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"When You Wuz A Kid"


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And I remember when Good Humor trucks and carts had "Specials of The Week"...an ice cream treat available for a limited time only.

Well two of them were so good that they stayed around forever....The "Chocolate Eclair" and "Strawberry Shortcake" ice cream bars heartpump ...are still "available in your grocer's freezer"..till this day.-Ira..

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Speaking of Good Humor trucks, we were blessed to have the same man everyday...

I loved (I hope I remember this right) the

"Wah-oooo bar". Five cents. Five cents for fruit flavored heaven on a stick.

I was always amazed how he could reach into the truck without even looking and always find the right box.

The Chocolate Eclair will always be my all-time favorite.

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"G"...I think you are right that coconut was another "special" that lasted forever as well as the immortal..."Toasted Almond".

And Jay...We DID have the same Good Humor man forever...And to paraphrase Manfred Mann.."His (My) Name Is (Was) Jack".-Ira.

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To add to my earlier post in this marvelous thread:

We were the second family in the neighborhood to get a TV in 1949. I used to stare at that test pattern for hours waiting for a show to come on (this was before TV Guide or newspaper TV listings).

Any one here remember the early TV show, Tom Corbett Space Cadet? Or Sky King or Captain Midnight?

One of the more famous Philly shows was Frontier Theater hosted by Chuckwagon Pete. None other than Pete Boyle the father of Peter Boyle who played Frank Barone on Everybody loves Raymond.

Who in the Philly - NY corridor can forget Zacherle. Hey, he's still alive.

GMAN - I love Tastykake fruit pies but lemon was my favorite. I remember when the French Apple pie was introduced. It was the only Tastykake pie with an icing.

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SKY KING and his niece Penny!!!! And his nephew, Clifford!!!! I was about 5 and had a terrible crush on Sky King. I remember Captain Midnight! I liked him too. But Sky was my sweetheart, along with Oscar Levant at that age. (I guess I was two-timing both of them LOL).

Who was the actor who played Sky King? Wait, I remember. Kirby Grant. I think he passed away not too long ago. frown

I just remember Penny calling him "Uncle Sky."

John Zacherle was a riot. He hosted "Shock Theater" on Friday nights when my little cousin Charles would come over to visit for the weekend.

I would make him sit there and watch Frankenstein and other horror movies and he loved them but was scared and would not let my mother move off the sofa while we watched the whole thing. Mother would say, "I'm busy. Turn it off if you're scared," and Charles would reply, "NO, I wanna watch it, but I want you right next to me Aunt Theresa!"

John Zacherle had weird imaginary monster friends like the clothes hanger or whatever strung with cooked spaghetti that he called "Janush."

Anyone remember water-soluble fake tattoos?

And Tastycake lemon pies! Ahhh. What a wonderful thread.

Does anyone remember Mrs. Wagner's little round lemon pies (also blueberry, cherry, apple, etc)?

They were amazing as well.

I LOVE this thread! It reminds me that those really WERE the good old days! In fact, they were FABULOUS!

smile --Darlene

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I actually bought a box of Ring Dings last week after watching "Transformers" movie and seeing a flight attendant in the movie go get one for the president - yes, they are small and i remember them wrapped in foil.

Scooter Pies, Moon Pies (Cracker barrel sells the moon pies)Funny Bones!

I remember my mom taking us strawberry picking and then she would make jam. Same thing with blueberries & peaches. She would grow tomatoes, green beans, etc and make jars and jars of sauce that would live on the shelves in the basement and during the winter, it was great to go down and bring those jewel-toned jars up!

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Ira, thanks for reminding me about WIBG 99 AM better known as Wibbage -a great rock n roll station w/ Hy Lit, Joe Niagara, "Large" Tom Donahue and Bill Wright Sr.. Joe moved over to WPEN 950 and played ONLY Sinatra for many, many years. Later on Jerry Blavat joined the station.

Sadly, Hy Lit passed away a few months ago. He was quite a DJ - I listened to him every day.

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Well I need to add to this thread with some New Zealand Culture!!!!!!! winklaugh

1 - Sante Bars

2 - Rides in my Grandparents Ford 10. (We never had a car of our own until I was 8 years old.)

3 - Tram rides to town

4 - Ice Cream Sodas

5 - Finding crabs under rocks at the seaside

6 - Scavanging at the rubbish tip at the end of our street

7 - Taking the billy across the road to get fresh milk from the farmer

8 - Listening to "Life With Dexter" on the radio

9 - Talking to the chooks

10 - Carol Singing on the back of a truck on Christmas Morning. (Remember it's summer here for that!!)

That's me for now....

Muzza cool

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