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Queen reunites (sorta)


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Tickets go sale tomorrow for a show at the Meadowlands in North Jersey on October 16th. They have also announced an LA show on October 22. As of now, that's it for the states.

Wow, Raspberries and Queen within a month of each other in New Jersey, yet! Who would of thunk it....

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the only reason they're using the name "Queen" is because it well sell more tix (naturally)...

This is much closer to The Firm than anything I can think of....

I heard a live version of this line up performing "Tie Your Mother Down" and the band was on... but Rodgers lacked that certain aplomb the song needed.. this definitely does a disservice to the band's legacy...

as an interesting live band to see, it's not bad for fans of Brian May, Roger Taylor and Paul Rodgers.... as a prime replacement for Freddie Mercury's Queen, it doesn't compare...

let's call it... RTM: Rodgers, Taylor & May

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I heard the version of George Michael and Queen doing "Somebody To Love". I believe it's on his 2 CD greatest hits collection so you can probably track down a sample online at Amazon.com. Anyway, I'm not a George Michael fan, but I have to give the guy credit, he did a great job matching Freddie Mercury's operatic vocal style and inflections. I just can't picture Paul Rodger's raw Bad Company vocal sound applied to Queen's slick opera-style rock. Who knows...could work....

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Any reviews yet for "Return of the Champions"? I saw the double disc yesterday and though it intrigued me, I wasn't willing to pay the hefty price. Noticed that Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love", "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love", and Free's "All Right Now" are on the disc.


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of the songs I heard played on the local rock stations, Rogers' performances (of "Tie Your Mother Down" & "Fat Bottomed Girls") were weak... the band sounded fine...

It is a very odd thing to hear, especially now that Rogers DOES NOT sound like he used to... & he also has trouble with the execution/phrasing in "Tie Your Mother Down"....

It's sorta like watching Pavarotti doing Judy Garland.... one must scratch their head & go: "WHAT THA F***"

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