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What are the most twee,kitsch,etc songs for you?

Carmen Smalley

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Twee Manna:

1. Round & Round- Octavian

2. Summer Girl- Craig Rhuntke

3. The Rain, The Park & Other Things- Cowsills

4. Rose- Paul Williams

5. Let me Be The One- Carpenters

6. Guitar man- Bread

7. Masquerade- Edward bear

8. Get Up & Go- Pilot

9. I'd Love You To Want Me- Lobo

10. Is That The Way- Tin Tin

11. Run To Me- Bee Gees

12. It's Like Heaven- Shaun Cassidy

13. 100,00 Fireflies- Magnetic Fields

14. One Day of Your Life- Andy Williams

15. London- Alessi

16. Tell Someone You Love Them- Dino Desi & Billy

17. I Will Always Think About You- New Colony 6

18. Will You Be Staying After Sunday- Peppermint Rainbow

19. By The Time I Get To Phoenix- Glen Campbell

20. Who Do You Think You Are- Bo Donaldson

21. Fallin In Love- Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds

22. Dancing On A Saturday Night- Bond

23. So You Are A Star- Hudson Bros

24. You Know I've Found A Way- Sagittarius

25. There Is Nothing More To Say- The Millennium

26. O-h-h Child- 5 Stairsteps

27. Smile A Little Smile- Flying Machine

28. Love grows- Edison Lighthouse

29. Pretty Lady- Lighthouse

30. Back When My Hair Was Short- Gunhill Road

31. For The Peace Of All Mankind- Terry Sylvester

32. Precious & Few- Climax

33. You Were On My Mind- We Five

34. Sky High- Jigsaw

35. Come Saturday Morning- Sandpipers

36. Get Down- Gilbert O'Sullivan

37. When Will I See You Again- Three Degrees

38. Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne- Looking Glass

39. So Good Together- ANdy Kim

40. Don't Sleep In The Subway- Petula Clark

41. To Sir w/ Love- Lulu

42. Happy- Sunshine Company

43. Summer Days- Partridge Family

44. Indian Giver- 1910 Fruitgum Co

45. Gorilla- Defranco Family

46. More Today Than Yesterday- Spiral Staircase

47. Can't Find The Time To Tell You- Orpheus

48. Cherish- The Association

49. You Showed Me- Turtles

50. Tracy- Cuff Links

51. You Made Me Believe In Magic- Bay City Rollers

52. Hello & Welcome Home- Rollers

53. For The Love Of Him- Bobbi Martin

54. Reflections Of My Life- Marmalade

55. King Creosus- World of Oz

56. Randy- Blue Mink

57. Everlasting Love- The Love Affair

58. baby Now That I've Found You- Foundations

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Kitsch manna:

1. Music to Watch Girls By- Bob Crewe

2. Twiggy Twiggy- Pizzicato 5

3. Venus- Tom Jones/Shocking Blue

4. Une Stylish Fille- Dimitri From Paris

5. Mrs. Robinson- Frank Sinatra

6. lotsa Stereo Total

7. Iron Man- Cardigans

8. Flip Flop & Fly- Johnnie ray

9. Dark Lady- Cher

10. All The Cats Join In- Peggy Lee

11. Mr Tambourine Man- William Shatner

12. Esquivel

13. Bonnie & Clyde- Serge Gainsbourg

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Twee is a Scottish word (at least my scottish granny used to use it - so I think it must be from there) that means cute, childish. When you're talking about my 2 year old, it's cute (as in - he pooped in the potty - how twee). On the other hand, when it comes to adult things, it usually means things that are sickeningly sweet - to the point of being utterly annoying. Think the WD album, and you have the idea wink


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