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History trivia question (a difficult one)


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Okay...history experts....try this one:

What well known American in his lifetime knew personally both John Quincy Adams and Whitaker Chambers? ( first one was like our 8th President and the second was involved in a CIA/spy story that Richard Nixon investigated as s Senator. Some of it involved microfilm hidden in pumpkins)

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The answer is Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Steve...this is how the connection is made:

Oliver Wendell Holmes was born in 1841 and died in 1935 at 94 years of age. In his youth he attended the funeral of John Quincy Adams when he was 7 years old because his father knew JQA....as did little Oliver.

He was a U.S. associated Supreme Court Justice from 1902 - 1932. He retired when he was 91. He had a young law clerk named Whitaker Chambers.

This is how the connection is made...and it is a very long one over almost a span of 90 years. Holmes also knew President Franklin Roosevelt during his tenure. How about that for a span of history?.......Most people good at history do not get this....It is a tough one but a good one.


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