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NFL - 2006/07


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Well, one week down, and I'm not sure how many to go (17, I think....I believe each team has 2 Bye weeks..). Just a quick comment or two....

First, it looks like New England taking a chance on Randy Moss may pay off in spades...but it's early.

Second - I had to laugh upon reading a local (DC) internet article about Redskins fans talking Superbowl!!!....this coming after a team that was 5-11 last year, beat a 6-10 team, and in overtime! Yeah, they might be good this year, but it's just a bit premature to celebrate yet....

Chargers-Bears game - what an ungodly, sloppily played mess! I believe every score came after a turnover. The Bears defense and Grossman both played well enough to win (as did the Chargers defense and Rivers), but neither of their RBs seem to have a clue about how to hold onto the damn ball! So much for dumping Thomas Jones for Benson...(NFC coaches have to be laughing their asses off about this one...)

Thursday night game - Colts looked very tough; Saints didn't....Through last night's games, it appears that the AFC once again has the 5-6 best teams in the NFL.....

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I watched the Seahawks - Bucs and it was like watching two games in one... the first quarter was all Bucs, who led 6 - 0 at the end of the quarter. The rest of the game was all Seahawks, although as one pundit pointed out, holding Seattle to 20 points in a game bodes pretty well for a solid Tampa Bay defense this year.

The fact that Cadilac Williams was out for most of the second half due to a rib injury didn't help as well as Jeff Garcia missing a couple of series after being shaken (not stirred) in the midst of the game.

It's a given that a healthy Garcia and Williams are both a major factor to Tampa Bay being a force this season... or being forced to endure another losing year...

Another game I saw a good portion of was the Green Bay - Philli game. I know that GB won, but IMHO, they didn't win so much as Philladelphia lost. The first quarter of that game was such a miss-match, and mostly due to Eagle screw-ups...

But I for one still expect Green Bay to have a long winter while the Eagles will be better than they looked yesterday.

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