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Beatlebum email!

Tony Cartmill

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Not sure about this one guys. My latest unsolicited e-mail from Anthony was last night, so if he passed away it needed to happen in the last 12 hours. Either that or you're both being played.


PS: If something terrible really did happen to him I would certainly be saddened by such a devastating tragedy at such a young age and offer my condolences to his family! Maybe someone close to him can find out.

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No... it's all too very real... which for those of us who received an email from him only hours before he died makes it tougher to fathom...

here's the email from Drew:

"Funeral Services are Monday and Tues. ONLY in N.Y. on Long Island. The Mass will be 'at sea' in East Hampton, where his ashes wil be spread throughout the great Atlantic near A'sorig area as a child.

Again , this all was a sudden shock to myself and both and all our respective families and friends. It all happened so very suddenly on Thurs eve, right after dinner and also right after we were on a few musoc mess brds and sending e mail to my family and to some eric carmen & Moby & Dylan & The BeaTles and Wham! mess brd members like rasbernie and pat pierson and lew & brenda sue and WhamMan and beatlbabyboomer ..& then about 10 hrs later, he pased away at St. Vincent's.

Anthony Di' Napolitan, Jr.

R.I.P. March 11th 1956- Dec 22'nd 2005"

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okay, *if* this is true, my sincere condolances to his friends and family. I gotta warn you tho, in the years I've been online, I've seen a LOT of people whose friends reported them dead who were, in fact, very alive, reading the forum posts, and laughing their asses off. Till I had real proof, I'd take this with a grain of salt. Most hospitals and newspapers country-wide have websites, and most newspaper websites list obits. If he really did pass away, the obituary will likely be online. Sorry if this sounds cold, but I've seen people online literally rip themselves up over stuff like this, sometimes for months, before the "dead" person suddenly showed up and confessed.

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One word:


Not so... even though being cynical w/ beatlebum is protocol... anthony does have diabetes and was hospitalized before... that's never been something they used as getting a rise out of others... the death hoax, however could easily be such... BUT you never know...

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