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Paulie Mississippi

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Not bragging on my mental acuracies, but rather telling you about the movie I saw this weekend, starring Niccholas Cage. It was tops at the box office and justifiably so.

Solid 4.5 of 5 star outing..


Knowing tells the story of how a fifty year old list of seemingly random numbers written by an elementary school girl told the date and location as well as how many died in every major disaster in the world for... well, the next fifty plus years.

Cage races to try to save the day if possible... especially when it is learned that the last number "33" is actually "EE"... as in "Everyone Else"...

Can our hero save the human race from extinction? Well, not without a little help...

If you want more detail, you're gonna have to pony up... laugh

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ANOTHER SPOILER - Great special effects!...especially the plane crash, subway crash and solar flares at the end....

Meanwhile, Nick Cage, with yet another silly hairpiece, drags his acting career further down....although it was enjoyable (and scary)...

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