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Elton Yawn


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I went to see Sir Reginald at Madison Square Garden the other night. Maybe I've been spoiled by the latest 'Berries shows, cuz I was B-O-R-E-D! The only song I totally enjoyed was "Bitter Fingers" (from Capt. Fan...which he played almost in its entiiiiirrrrreeeetttttyyyyy.) Does anyone else hate "Bennie and the Jets" as much as I do?? Don't get me wrong, Elton can still sing and play the piano incredibly. But his days of selling out venues like NYC's Garden are coming to an end.


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Never was really impressed with "Capt. Fantastic", as a whole, although "Writing" was a decent song. I also heard an alternate take of "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" with a short guitar solo---they should have used THAT take instead of the one on the single/album. "Meal Ticket" gets old really quick. "Caribou" and "Rock of the Westies" are better albums by far.

Elton has two problems......one is coming from the fact he is doing "contrived" and "manufactured" compositions......I don't think he's really putting that much emotion into the songs, or using free-flow in the writing process.

Take for example, that "Aida" thing.....Disney gave Elton and Tim Rice a lot of money to re-

write it........and for what reason? The music and Italian lyrics from that Joe Green guy(or was it Pucchini?)were perfectly fine.

The second thing is that he plays Vegas too damn much. Nothing against the city, but the emphasis is playing and performing----NOT songwriting. It's OK for non-writers such as Wayne Newton or Tom Jones.....but for writers, Vegas sucks any kind of creativity out of you.

Elton isn't alone. Paul Anka is doing other people's stuff these days, instead of being the great songwriter he is.

Kind of lost interest in Elton the past few years.

Mostly because the songs just aren't interesting.

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I saw Elton a few years ago after working with him on a milk ad and the show Kathy and I caught was EXTRAORDINARY! He had drummer Nigel Olsson and guitarist Davey Johnstone on stage with him and performed most of GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD to perfection! It was quite an amazing show. From your review it sounds like he may be sleepwalking through his latest tour, Dave. But I can assure you that Sir Elton still has it in him to wow a crowd if he's in the mood :-)


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Will have to check into "Peachtree" and "West Coast"......haven't really heard any tracks off either of those.....

But I guess in the late 90s and the early part of this decade, I haven't really eagerly went looking for his music, either. Got a bit turned of a really worn-out version of "Candle in the Wind" I saw on TV, which was pathetic. Not to mention that doing that "Aida" thing.

Kind of turned me off and hey, maybe I wasn't paying attention to the fact that there is new material out. Will have to take your advice and check out both of those albums.

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I must agree that Elton's last two CD's are his best in years. I personally loved the Capt. Fantastic album, better than Rock Of The Westies or Carabou. As far as which of his albums I consider my favorite...."Goodbye Yellow Brikc Road" or "Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player" depending which day you ask me.

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Although it has been a few years, I had the pleasure of witnessing Elton John perform in concert twice in my lifetime, both times at Madison Square Garden. At the first concert I attended, my friend Bill & I loved his performance...which was a dream come true for me, to finally be able to attend an Elton John concert. For the second concert (two years later), I attended it with my friends...Ron, Connie & Bill. Once again, Bill & I enjoyed Elton's performance, but Ron & Connie complained that his two hour performance was too short. (Connie had just attended a Bruce Springsteen concert, which she said lasted four hours.) Thus, even though four of us attended the same performance, not all of us shared the same opinion. Different strokes for different folks!

Gee, I happen to like the song "Bennie and the Jets". In fact, for the second concert, I recall writing a song parody titled "Billy and Jeff". At the moment, the song line "Connie and Ronnie haven't seen him yet...oh, they're so spaced out...but not Billy and Jeff..." is the only line that I remember. However, I must have it saved somewhere in my records. confused

I had not heard about Elton John's recent concert until the weekend of the Raspberries' performance in Atlantic City. At first, I was disappointed that I had not learned about Elton's show earlier. Then I considered that I had already seen Elton twice in concert, my finances had recently been stretched to the limit and it was best that I attend a Raspberries' performance now after waiting all these years. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I now have attended as many Raspberries' concerts as Elton John concerts. Wow, after I had spent all of those years waiting for the improbable event of a Raspberries' concert, it seemed odd that I now had actually attended two Raspberries' performances, all within a two month time period. eek Oh well, I guess you should never say never.


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