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Wally's gettin' his due


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I have to say that Kay's Reflection was probably my favorite of them all. Her description of the genius that is Wally Bryson was an incredible, moving love letter to her husband and everything that he is...an unbelievably complex and talented man who has for too long gone unappreciated. The more I listen to his work (yes! I get to listen to his work as a Raspberry LIVE now! I still have to pinch myself), the more it shows. Bravo Wally!

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I'm overjoyed about Wally's writeup in Guitar World! Love the picture! Wally has always been incredible, and Kay's support for him all through the years has been as intense as it is now. She understands his genius and has given him the unconditional support in which it's flourished. Wally and Eric, separately, are unbelievable artists, but together they form a third entity that is amazing beyond words. It just has to be seen and listened to! How great that they're all back together again, and greater still that Wally is getting the well-deserved recognition. I'm thrilled for his happiness.

smile --Darlene

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From Kay:

"The magazine is out already. The writer says that it is available only in six states, not 18. They should be putting it on their website sometime in the near future. The writer emailed that he's had more messages and comments about the story on Wally than any other in his entire career. He did say that people can request a copy sent to them from the website."

Great news for Wally!


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