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Again I Shall Ask....


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Well, I don't know what to say, except that this is starting to get 'scarier' for me because Valorie is "BACK" in the hospital again so soon. frown

Her attacks are becoming more and more frequent which as many of you know is not good at all as it means more and more scarring/damage being done. She went in at about 6 this morning and just finally got a room of her own instead of being left out all alone in the hallway. So,my friends, I hope you will be so kind as to offer your prayers/good wishes for her again. I, being the lil sis, is so worried. I thank all of you who have and continue to reach out to us in these most difficult/sad times. What many of you do not realize is the seriousness of Valorie's condition and that we truly do not know when she goes in with this ...what the outcome will be. We,as her family, just always pray, visit, support any way we can and hope always to bring her back home. Thank you again to all of you who reach out with your kind words of hope.

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I want you all to know that we both "NEVER" take your kindness for granted. I only wish that there was a way to truly thank each and everyone of you more personally! Valorie is pretty much 'out of it' tonight which is good because then I know that she is finally resting. I am going to do what I did before and print out these pages to help lift her spirits as they already have helped to lift mine. I will post when I know of any changes. I also want to just take this moment to say a very special big thank you to both Bernie and Eric for allowing me to find such a beautifully spirited community here at their site and for allowing me to share this. One thing is for sure, Valorie will not be without her discman which contains only music by Eric and The Raspberries...it helps her to drift off at night especially when she is owee.

Goodnight my friends and may this night also keep you and those you love safe, happy and healthy! pray

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Today has been very hard on Valorie...it's been two days since she has any 'food' aside from the IV friend she calls her *twin* as she walks around with this pole attached to her. She spent most of the morning having long conversations with 'ralph'. She is very weak and it is difficult to hear her speak because her mouth is so dry and they barely allow her enough water to take with some of her pills. Today I know, will be another important day that she rests when she can. I will let you know when there is any change. Thanks so much everyone for sending your kind words and prayers. They mean more than just seeing your name on the thread...they mean a heartfelt friend is reaching out to us both and we appreciate your kind-heartedness!!

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Well they finally had to put a tube down Valorie's nose into throat to go to pump her stomach out of any residual contents including just your basic mucous...she had nothing left in her but even stuff like that is an irrantant at this time. The good news is, now that they have cleaned her up so to speak, she is 'tossing her cookies' anymore and went the rest of the day without needing any type of nausea-suppressant. She wanted me to tell EVERYONE here a big hello and she said she is going to 'chat' soon with you. I am telling you, I know she is my 'big sis' but for such a tiny lil thing she is real fighter. We found out another thing as well, when they give her anytype of test that requires that special dye that makes your internal organs/veins etc glow that they have to do a whole major process with her now as she has become allergic to the dye. It's almost like they have give her small small doses a few days ahead of the test to build up a tolerance so the tests can take place. Not only did she get BIG SMILES when I visited with all of your kind words I brought her BUT she was also very excited and her day was made when Al K sent her a lil personal message along with a poster she had ordered. She was so amazed, because she feels with all the people and all the things Al K has going on,he actually remembered her. She was so touched and I want to make certain that Al knows he helped take my sister's mind off being in a dreary hospital. Thanks again everyone for all of your care and concern. Valorie misses you guys bunches!!

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I only wish your sister the best thoughts and prayers. Golly, I wish I had a sister like you.

My sister and I never speak anymore, and it's because she failed to execute a will on time,so my attorney sued her. Well, it wasn't me!

I tell mean-spirited folks to get a sense of humor. LIfe's too short to be fighting, and you gals are lucky.

Fight the good fight and you'll win.

The kids went up north a couple of weeks ago, and from what I hear, the blackflies are like horses! I hope not.

Wishing you well,


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