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Mccartney =Heart Operation

Lew Bundles

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Sir Paul McCartney reportedly checked into a private hospital to have a heart operation.

The Sun reports that the former Beatle had an angioplasty at a private clinic after complaining about health problems.

An unnamed source told the paper that the musician had not been feeling well and tests indicated that he would need an operation to unclog arteries in the heart and improve blood circulation

Sir Paul's spokesperson has insisted that the operation was "routine" and that the Dance Tonight star had made a good recovery.

A friend of the music legend told the Sun that he Sir Paul was in "very good shape" as he exercised and ate well.

Sir Paul's divorce proceedings with Heather Mills are set continue in the new year with a five-day court hearing scheduled to take place soon.

Both Sir Paul and Mills have engaged in public attacks on one another during the legal proceedings. Previously Heather Mills has complained about negative press coverage about a financial settlement which could see her get half of McCartney's music fortune.

They are also still to agree on custody arrangements over their four-year-old daughter Beatrice.

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And not as effective as once thought according to reports earlier this year. I keep a close eye on this stuff after my dad died in 1999 from a massive heart attack. I'm in great shape for my age [49] 5' 10" and 160 lbs yet I have to take blood pressure medication and Lipitor. Genetics.

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