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It's Going to Be A Long HOT Summer


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Ok - I went out for a walk last night with my brother who is visiting after work (it was around 5:15 pm)

It's March - it's early March - it's Florida... I've been living here since I was 21 years old - but NEVER, NEVER in my life have I gotten sunburned after 5:15 p.m. in the evening in March (Aug-September... yes). I woke up this morning with my chest red as anything with tank top white marks besides! I guess this means I need to put sunscreen on after dinner for god's sake now!!!!


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We had 10 days over 90 in Feb. and it just keeps getting hotter. Sometimes, it's hard to belive what the calendar is saying it is when it feels more like June here.

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I do LOVE it here. Due to barometric pressure migraines, my kids and I were forced to come out here to the dryness, barely any bugs and the lowest humidity in the country. I'll take those 122 degree days after growing up in Chigao winters.

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