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What are You doing New Years Eve ?


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Well, looks like tonight is going to be a real non-event. confused My wife had her new saddle and stuff go all loose on her while riding Friday in the burn zone east of San Diego. She crashed, heavily and headlong, into a burned out bush. She hit hard enough to have trouble remembering Christmas or all the phone calls I made trying to keep her from falling asleep before someone could get to help her. Final score, a concussion (thank God for the helmet), one broken shoulder, a broken wrist, numerous facial scrapes and a black eye. The horse, a very sensitive beast, is OK and rather contrite in spite of the cause of the affair having to be chalked up to pilot error. Paula is currently drugged to the gills and told me to go party, somewhat tough to do after everyone has left for their respective celebrations. So, she is down for the count at her mother's and things around here are pretty quiet (except for one rather vocal parrot). Looks like 2007 is going out with a real whimper, or squawk as it were. :rolleyes: Boy, do I feel like the ultimate Lewser! grumpy

On the plus side, today's Annual Rose Ride out of Pasadena was spectacular. About one hundred and thirty classic motorcycles headed up into the mountains north of Los Angeles for some police free frolic. In spite of a rather obnoxious Santana wind condition, a great time was had by all. Lunch and libations were had at a British pub on the Rose Parade route back in Pasadena. Sure am glad I am involved in a relatively safe sport such as motorcycling. Those damn horses can get you killed!

By the way Kiwi, an empanada is sort of a meat pie (although cheese, seafood, and veggies are OK,too) Latin American style. Good stuff. I might just have a recipe! wink

Happy New Year!

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Oh, Reid, I'm so sorry things are so tough for you both right now. this certainly isn't the way you want to kick off a new year. Thank God hers are the type of injuries that will heal completely and she'll be healthy again soon. Please keep us posted on her progress and of course use us for company and support.

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Please give Paula my best for a speedy recovery!

Reid, my wife is always afraid something will happen to me when I ride (40 years of riding motorcycles and never an injury), but she has had several horse-back riding incidents that have caused her to lose her taste and smell, etc.! So, I know what you mean...

Empanadas (the mexican version) are often times filled with fruit.

Tell Paula she can always go back to a safe sport like motorcycle riding :rolleyes: Kirk.

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