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What are You doing New Years Eve ?


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Have you made your New Years Eve plans yet ?

Do you go out for the big club parties?

Are your plans for a neighborhood party ?

How about just a romantic night for the two of you?

Do you Watch it all on TV?

Or just forget about it and go to bed ?

Any play lists this year from the evil twin ?


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Hummmm..don't know! We have two parties today (one at my supervisor's house, one at Pete's boss' house) and then we're going out for a family dinner at Xaviar's Restaurant X as a last bash before my parents head down to Savannah. I think I will be partied out by New Year's Eve.

I agree, HT, I don't want to be out on the road with the clueless drunks.

Last year, the four of us picked our favorite appetizers and watched some movies together.

We've done the party-hotel package deal a while ago. it was fun but too expensive.

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Playing the symphony's New Years Eve gig, and wondering if LobsterLvr Dave and his new wife will be there.

It's a very warm, happy gig. It ends with Auld Lang Syne and everyone, even the musicians, kissing and hugging each other and wishing Happy New Year. It's great because it gets out at about 10 PM before people who've imbibed too much get out on the road.


smile --Love, Darlene

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We are having a neighborhood gathering, pretty much the same group for the last couple years about 30+ friends.

It was going to be a progressive dinner but the men complained about having to walk down the block. So we will stay at Elaine's.

It's a strange year maybe because it is so warm, but we all have been pretty lax in getting it together this year.

We still haven't gotten the music together yet

Eric, you can come and we'll even let you bring your playlists from last year.

You were so much heip. winkeye

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Three of our five kids are adults now so we tend to rotate from house to house each year. This year it's at Chris and Val's (our newlyweds --- second son) so we're all going to descend on their place for the evening. Yeah, I guess some would call it boring 'mom and dad' stuff but we always have a good time together with all the kids and the grandkids, food, games... LuvLove

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That is why we started with the house parties, none of us want to be out driving or paying $300 a head for stale hor dourves and poor quality drinks with strangers, plus I refuse to kiss strangers just because it is midnight.

So, my girlfriends and I started planning our own parties, we all bring something,

We change houses each year so no one is overwhelmed.

We started with four couples, but it grows every year. Most of our kids are grown but the kids are always welcome.

Nobody drives, because we all live within walking distance. It's warm so we can spill out to the pool deck for more room. This year will be very low key and casual.

An added benefit is we know each other so we are accountable for our behavior,

No inappropriate drunks.

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Watching movies with the worlds greatest 5 year old twins right now...and I'm letting them watch one more after this. Since most of my dating is very casual at the time I won't be having company while my children are here so..I'll be rocking in News Years Eve with sleeping kids and Ryan Seacrist.

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Well Kiwi I don't know if this food will get lost in the translation, but it's not totally 'junk food.' We have lots of different kinds of chips and dip, as well as some finger food such as chicken strips, empanadas, bacon wrapped scallops, and some other stuff that I'm not sure what it is, but it sure tastes great! Top it all off with a smooth lager.

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