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If you met Paul McCartney on Route 66, what one question would you ask him?


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We have all read the reports of Sir Paul and his girlfriend on Route 66 in an 89 Bronco. Now that sounds like a cool idea. We have talked about doing that for years and never taken the time.

Just imagine that you and your spouse/significant other have taken the time to go and you were one of the lucky ones to bump into Sir Paul for a few minutes.

What one question would you ask him if you knew his response would be valid? (no reason to assume it would not)

My question:

At what point did you know that your band (the Beatles) was special and knew that you were going to "make it"...and WHY?



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Phil, I'd want to meet him near the end of his trip and ask him what experiences on Route 66 will end up in a song.... Man, that kind of a trip is just the thing for creative inspiration, especially if you're traveling with your girlfriend in an '89 Bronco! I bet we're in for a GREAT McCartney album....

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I'd just ask him how he keeps looking so young! In my family, it's genetics, but what is his secret? I hope it's not, "Only my hairdresser knows for sure." lol (Only my pharmacy knows for sure. They aren't going to squeal!)

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I'd ask him if it's true that Dave Grohl has incredibly dirty and incriminating pictures of certain rock & rollers hidden somewhere in a safe deposit box.....(which would account for Dave's playing with Paul at his 6/1/08 Liverpool show, and then bringing out Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for several Led Zep encores at a Foo Fighters show two weeks later....)

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