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Feeling Groovy...Vinyl makes a comeback


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This article from today's Chicago Tribune (Aug 9, 07) makes a lot of senese. I have accepted an offer to purchase a turntable, CD player, amp, preamp, and speakers that are only very slightly used from a friend for way under price. Still having many vinyl reocrds, this is a good move.



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Great article.

I have an old friend in Daytona Beach who has never given up or in to the times, though what was once simply a used record store is now a Used Record and New & Used DVD and New & Used CD store...

I picked up a few pieces of vinyl last time I was in town! If you're there (in DB sometime) check it out!

Atlantic Sounds is on US92 just west of the river, just east of US1 and on the north side of the street... laugh

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Sorry, but I don't miss vinyl at all. I hated the clicks and pops of vinyl, the inconvenience of having to pick up the needle to move it from song to song, having to flip the record after 4 or 5 songs. The CD is just so much more convenient to use, and the sound is much cleaner. I know there are many who feel there is a warmth to the sound on vinyl...but I never could hear it. I do miss some of the great artwork and photos on covers, and being able to read the liner notes with out a magnifying glass.

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While I don't miss the clicks or pops on vinyl, I do miss a lot of the mid-range, especially on old 50's/60's rock & roll, R&B & Blues (Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Howlin' Wolf) that's been transferred to CD....but then again, maybe this is just due to crappy jobs of transferring the sound in some cases....

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