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I'm all about Weight Watchers and prayer. I joined their "online" program in 2003 and lost 86 pounds! The key is you aren't deprived. As long as you keep track of what you eat, drink some water, get some exercise (and say your prayers) you lose.

Course, after I got married 21 months ago, I started eating and gained almost 40 back! I'm on track now and doing meetings and Weight Watchers eTools. So far, I've lost 15 pounds and feeling so much better!

The first few weeks can be awful, but you know, NOTHING tastes as good as being thin FEELS!

You can do it, Muzza!


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This time of year is the pits because Girl Scout cookies came in. Mind you, I'm a Girl Scout Leader and I love the cookies but I'm really trying to keep away from them. I've been going to the gym every day and walking on the treadmill for 30 min.

I've seen some improvement but I want more!!!! I too believe that nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


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Marilyn, What an excellent idea--to put a picture of myself in a certain dress right in the closet and hang the dress where I can see it everyday! Thanks! Will do. Somehow, though, I don't think Muzza will look as good as you do in that dress.

Julesberry, how right you are. NOTHING tastes as good as being thin feels. But eclairs are pretty good... frown (Think thin, Darlene, think thin!)

smile --Darlene

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I echo Julesberry's post about the "D" word. I lost 40 pounds after my divorce. Mind you, I do not endorse divorce as a means of weight loss. frown

My maintenance tricks...

-No multitasking while eating, stop what you're doing and enjoy the meal.

-Drink a full glass of water before eating.

-Start EVERY day with a bowl of good cereal.

-Allow yourself to stop midway through a meal...then continue(works for me cause I always eat so fast that I still feel hungry when I'm done so I eat half and then tell myself I can go back and eat the rest in a few minutes-cuts my intake by approx 1/2)

-Eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day

-Laugh whenever you can

-Go dancing...lot's of fun and great exercise

-Snuggle with the one you love...recharges the body's batteries and may lead to more, um, exercise wink

-Don't forget to feed the spirit and soul too pray

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I chased my 2 yo grandson, Kevin, around the house this morning roaring at him and beating him with a wrapping paper tube! Once he kicked into high gear it was hard keeping up with him. haha Does that count as running, Kiwi? :P

Congratulations, Muzza! king You're on your way!!! I haven't lost any weight (just as I expected) but my basal temperature is higher and my glucose is lower so I'll take it! I added more fruit today and more water, too! A little extra energy gave me a boost so Annie and I tore the paneling off the walls in the living room yesterday and today to start redecorating --- it's a start! wink

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Julesberry, I commend you on mastering the balance ball! I find that doing my crunches on them is great and doesn't hurt my back as much. I'm hoping to experiment with other moves as well. (I have to admit that I still prefer my ab crunches in deep water, though.) smile

HT, great work on the treadmill! I'm only doing 15 min every other day for now but I'll catch up with you eventually and we can form a buy system. happy

John has been working late almost every night this week. Now that the weekend is here I'll see if he feels like "exercising" with me. LuvLove

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Hey... I didn't wear speedos so lets get that straight first.. :rolleyes: And I survied the 45 minutes of doing all sorts of activities that mean my shoulder and leg muscles now ache. Still, no pain, no gain they reckon.

However, it remains to be seen what I'm like when I try to get out of bed in the morning. eekcrazylaugh

I am pleased with how I went though and kept up with people who have been going on a regular basis. The only problem I had was Kiwi splashing me with water and pushing into me.. wink:rolleyes:

Muzza cool

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As far as my dieting goes I am still not eating between meals... pray I guess I'll get fitter if nothing else.

How are others of you doing..?? Whether its diet, fitness or giving up smoking or drinking even.. Let us know..

This is a support thread as well as a fun thread.

Muzza cool

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Day 23 - Smoke Free. One day at a time.

At our quarterly meeting at work yesterday it was mentioned that in the next month or so the Company would be introducing a new Employee Wellness program. I'm hoping it will include reduced rates at an area health club. I don't think I've really increased my eating, so my metabolism has definitely slowed down.

I'm still looking for suggestions for a fun yet challenging pilates dvd.

p.s. My boyfriend would look great in a speedo! LuvLove

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Being a lovely summer's evening Kiwi suggested we go for a walk about an hour ago. "Yep", I said and off we went. "Have you got your wallet" she asks as we are getting ready to leave. (Warning , danger Muzza) "Yes", I said and off we went...to McDonalds so she can have me buy her a Triple berry waffle cone with choc flake.

Of course I couldn't just let her have one so I joined her.

SO...if I haven't lost any weight this week, it's Kiwi's fault... laugh:rolleyes:

Muzza cool

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