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Down another pound! It's funny. I seem to be doing a lot better since my acupuncturist gave fruits back to me again and told me to cut back on the supplements. I still take the ones that I always felt were necessary (thyroid, adrenal, immune booster...) but cut a lot of the 'extras' that I was told to take. I never ate a lot to begin with but I seem to be eating less than before and not feel hungry at all.

Ok, where is everybody else? C'mon, tell me how great you're doing!

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I did it... I re-lost all 40 lbs that I regained when I got sick. spin Anything from this point on will be new loss and can be added on to what I originally lost. I'm not the same measurements I was before I got sick (I'm not strong enough to do that kind of exercise and toning yet) but I'm FINALLY down a clothing size. Got some nice compliments in a new pair of jeans and silver 3" heels, too! Need to keep going but... it's about time!!! happy

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I'm finally getting back to the gym and trying to lose at least 10 lbs(to start). I've been trying to eat healthy(which is really hard working nights) I told my husband it's time for me to take care of myself - which he agreed(WOW!)and that I take care of everyone else but me. I've reached a point where I'm really tired of wearing the same clothes over and over when I've got a closet full of clothes I can't wear<sigh>.

My motivation.... when I was on the cruise and saw all the skinny moms in tankinis and bikinis and saw what I looked like that wasn't fun.

So far I've been to the gym 4 days this week and plan on going back again and again!


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I've gained 21.5 pounds since the last time I posted on here. I just eat ice cream and other junk. Pathetic, huh?

Way to go on losing all that though Kathy Lee--that truly is awesome. I bet you feel great and HT--it's great that you've been going to the gym.

I did go and rejoin "Curves" today--didn't stay to work out though--came home and ate 3/4 pkg. of licorice and half a carton of ice cream for supper. Now we are in bad storm warnings. Another fun evening in Iowa.


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Julie- hang in there. You've had a lot happen recently. It's not pathetic, it's human. Take care of yourself and eventually, you'll feel more like doing something with your weight again. You're still trying to fill your life. Thinking about you lots.

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Julie, honey, they call it 'comfort food' for a reason. Sometimes we fall back on the things that make us feel good when nothing else does. Allow yourself to look at this as a lapse and move on without beating yourself up. You, HT, and I are all on the same page right now. Why don't we crank up this thread and hold each other up while we contemplate the next step?! Let us know when you're ready and we'll be here.

HT, I'm where you're at emotionally. I'm reassessing and rebuilding for the next stage of my life. summer is the perfect time to start thinking fresh fruits and veggies. How can I help encourage you in this change? I can tell you what I did and you can tell me what your goals are!

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I'm afraid that just after I've gone down to 120, some problems have crept into my life, and it's been back to pasta. So, you're not alone everybody.

After having lost 28 lbs. In two years, I felt so great! I still even keep the foods I SHOULD be eating up in the freezer section of my fridge. I keep trays around to measure my portions out and don't even use them very much anymore!

To top it all off, I'm going into perimenopause, and that contributes to some of my anxiety attacks. I had one in a drug store today.

I know exactly why I'm not eating properly, and this time the weight I'm gaining and cravings for pasta are not pregnancy: My nerves are on edge and the family doctor has not tried hard enough to get me the help I need. (We can't switch because there's a doctor shortage.)

Just reminding yourself that "this too shall pass" when you have problems will help. I'll just have to remind myself!

Keeping busy, doing other things you enjoy and getting around just talking with people might help, too.

I know we sometimes disappoint ourselves, but we don't need to! So, let's all help each other to make ourselves PROUD OF OURSELVES! wink

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Well done Kathy Lee!!! spin

Keep up the good work HT. happy

Julie, you've made a start by re joining the gym. Give it time.

It's just a pity I don't live closer or I'd have been round to your house to share the licorice and ice cream!!!!! laugh

BTW have you ever tried licorice flavoured ice cream....YUMMMMMMM!!!!

"I know we sometimes disappoint ourselves, but we don't need to! So, let's all help each other to make ourselves PROUD OF OURSELVES!"

Great advice PM. Encouragement is something we have in "truck loads" around here!!!

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I am back on track, I feel so much better when I am exercising.

I am there with you Beth, It is time for me as well. It is not being selfish, it is necessary.

Julie, I go to curves too, I have met a great group of ladies there. Go !

Well done Kathy Lee!

Marilyn! licorice flavoured ice cream ???

I don't know... that sound a little exotic :Pwink

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I guess I never noticed this thread before...

It looks like a lot of you are doing great with your weight loss!

I have discovered the worlds most expensive way to lose weight - Get a full set of braces on your teeth as an adult! laugh I had been trying for a couple of years or so to get myself to lose some weight, and I always failed miserably. About 4 months ago, I finally found a dentist who seemed to know what she was doing - I guess I had the worlds worst dentist the last 15-20 years. To make a long story short...I ended up getting 5 teeth taken out to make room for others to move, and I got full braces on about 2 months ago. Since I can't eat properly, the one cool "side-effect" has been that I have lost 18 pounds so far! crazy When all is said and done though, I will be a skinny, smiley man. laugh


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Oh Dear... I've put on a kilo. I think it's Kathy Lee's fault. She sent some of hers my way. laughwink

Looks like I'll have to start exercising or something. Not eating isn't an option. frown

Bessie... Licorice Ice Cream is very yummy. Well, if you like licorice it is :P

Muzza cool

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Evstasy, if you don't export it, why did I turn around one day last week in the mirror and find it? LMAO

I'm just kidding.

It's my fault for going for the Chef Boyardee again... frown I keep forgetting there are two servings in a can and I'm no longer in need of megacalories for gestating children. It's been 11 years now!

I just need to get out more, and get some great speakers to dance to EC and Raspberries and I'll be all right. laughspin

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Try cutting down on salt because that will stop excess water retention. Reading the labels on sodium content will halp you with that, as we needed to do so when our son was having kidney problems.

Ask your hospital nurtitionist for some advice as wekk, because that's what they're there for. They'd have access to your file and contact with your doctors.

If you don't have the energy to exercise yet, ease up on yourself! After all, you ARE still recovering. There'll come a time when you can slowly work up to lifting heavy books with both arms, moving your limbs up and down, and maybe doding a few stretching exercises.

All those stupid weight loss plans advertised that make us feel guilty, just ignore them and take your time.

I've stopped beating up on myself and know my metabolism is slowing down as my reproductive system winds down, so I just try to cool it with the high fats and candy bars.

If I could only figure out how to get away from those comfort foods, though!

Raw veggies are great to fill you up, and give you fibre to increase the speed of all the stuff passing through your body, and filling up with plain water helps you to feel full, too.

Don't try to lose weight too quickly, because it'll just get you feeling down.

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Valorie, if your willing to share (offlist would be fine if you'd be more comfortable), what restrictions do you have for what conditions? I don't mean to intrude it's just that I've been doing similarly for the past three years. My energy levels haven't returned where I can exercise yet so I have to rely on dietary changes and various alternative treatments for now. In the meantime:

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Ok, sorry --- tired and hit the wrong button. LOL

Try lean meats and poultry

Lots of fruits and veggies

Be careful with carbs but you do need them for energy

Increase your water intake if possible

As for exercise, you might want to try working with free weights --- low weight, higher reps where you can just do a few minutes at a time

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Valorie- I don't know your physical restrictions, but maybe you could start with yoga. It's only as strenuous as you make it and it actually gives you more energy. You could start with a few stretches and work your way up gradually. You'll notice how much better you feel right away. Yoga also has a positive mental effect. It wakes you up and relaxes you at the same time. There are plenty of dvd's and books to help you get started. Just take it slow.

Yoga, for some reason, will also make you want to eat healthier foods like the ones Kathy Lee suggested. I know it sounds strange, but it does give you a different mind-set. smile

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