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Being a big girl in a skinny body, all I can tell anyone is what works/worked for me. I have to watch my food intake every day and have done since I was 22. Some days I eat what I want, but that's because most of the time, I watch everything that goes into my mouth.

So for me this is what works/worked for me - maybe not everyone:

Water: Never followed that routine. I hate water, but your body needs water, so I get all my water intake through green veggies and fruit. (just make sure you do get your daily required intake) Water is good to flush out toxins and can make you feel fuller. If you can try and do it, then why not? For me, I never did...it didn't mess up my diet. To each his own with that.

Exercise: HATE IT...but THAT is a big key to losing weight, even if you take a 15 minute walk everyday.

Food intake: I have learned to eat when I am hungry, only when I'm hungry and not alot of one thing. Small meals throughout the day.

What foods: Well, I eat/ate mostly salads and fruit everyday and not much more. BUT, when I was losing weight, I never mixed carbs and protein and that was my rule. When I go out of town now, I eat what I want. That is my prize for keep my weight off most of the time.

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig? Why not! If you want to have premade food or menus, try it...it could work for you.

That's the only advise I have and what I did. I've kept my weight OFF for 23 years. The most I've gain at anytime was 3 years ago...10 lbs when I stopped watching what I ate and stopped walking. So, there ya go!

You can do it...it's more about how much of what you are putting in your body. And remember, if it took you time to put it on, it will take you time to take it off.


PS: I personally do not go for the "don't deprive yourself." For me, depriving myself of a sweet is not depriving myself of anything substantial. Once you lose the weight, you can slowly add your sweet back in...once a week, let's say until you can tell how your body weight will fluctuate.

If you just can't go without that sweet, then have it, but understand that you maybe pushing your weight loss goal back...or maybe not. But that's your choice. What ever works best for you and makes it easier for you. Losing weight can be frustration, but can will happen!

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I'm really not a big breakfast person either,but know it's important to start my day with a little something anyway. I get up at 5:40 weekdays and have a small glass of juice. I get to work around 7:00 and then have to have two cups of green tea before I even think about putting something solid in my stomach. I usually have my cereal with skim between 8 and 8:30 and then some fruit around 10:30. I'm a little more flexible on the weekends because after his first cup of coffee, my guy is ready for an egg over easy on a toasted english muffin. (Either Saturday or Sunday, never both). The things we do for love. LuvLove

I'm still having a lot of fun finding new exercise routines on the exercise on demand channel, there is a great variety. My favorite is still "I want those abs" and by golly, I'm gonna get 'em back.

Kathy Lee, try calling it brunch, it might taste better. wink

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Hi Everyone!

I met my goal of working out 4 times--actually, I worked out every day! (well, not on my birthday I guess--but did extra later on) James and I have been using the weight bench in the basement. Actually, we set up an area to workout in. I have an ab roller down there too and have worked up to 60 crunches every night. Do my weight routine with James spotting for me--course, he's so darn cute that I look up into those big brown eyes and well.....I get distracted....and then he gets all distracted....and then....well...... heartpump

But, anyway, the workout routine has been going really well!!! The only bad thing is that I want to eat, eat, eat!


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I found a novel approach, but it is controversial: For a while I was living on Stouffer's dinners and Hungry Man Dinners (I'm a very hungry soman", and after that I saved the trays (bad molecules but I really needed measured portions.)

There was this bad habit I had of making super fattening lasagnas, eating large amounts of spaghetti (and I'm supposeldy Irish) and lots of things since I started having the children. On day, I decided to use the trays and portion out the fish portions, chicken balls, vegies and even French fries.

Guess what? Yesterday I mentioned to an ex that I had lost weight.

He's got the kids right now, and when I was talking on the phone to say "Good night" to them, he said, "You know, I DID notice you lost weight! How did you do it?"

I mentioned "smaller portions". When you're fairly short and small-boned anyway, it gets easier. I don't even notice the chips or chocolate bars in the stores any more because our one son has a kidney problem, so EVERYONE eats low-sodium and nobody gets all the take-out they can eat anymore!

Strange how hereditary glomerular (kidney) disease can smarten us up! Now even all my cousins are on alert for our grandad's kidney disease, and it's no fun having a 10-year-old almost dead in Emerg. one day and swollen up like a balloon. Thank God for modern medicine -- but the government is funding the youngest and leaving the eldest in the lurch.

I never want to be the weight I was after I had our last boy.

Since I have no scale, I had no idea why my pants were so loose these past two months. Now I know!

Regular portion control and limit the sodium and sugar. And eat your veggies!

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Thanks for asking Muzza. We're going on just a tad over 13 months. Yay !!! I'd like to think we're out of the danger zone of breaking down by now. As so many places are now smoke free or will be smoke free soon, it's good to not have to worry about it anymore. Not to mention how much better we feel !!! spin

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I'm down about 3-4 more pounds. I'm due to go in and get my thyroid meds adjusted so that always helps, too. I've been adding more vegetables and keeping water intake higher. I'm shrinking out of some of my clothes (but not others (?)) so it may be time to sort and donate to charity just in time to get ready for spring!

Annie and I LOVE the fact that so many places are smoke-free now. We're not getting anywhere near as many asthma attacks anymore!!!

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Guess what? (And some people will HATE this!) Twenty pounds have gone missing verified as of last Sunday by two scales at my ex's house. It was pregnancies and breeast-feeding, along with over-feeding. When I was depressed, my ex cooked. Now, I cook for myself!

The reason? That control freak was deep frying all our food when I lived with him! (Still does. Clothes stink of deep-fried every Sunday night.)

Anyoone can find something to do besides eat a lot of junk food, and since our son has kidney disease, things have totally been re-written. I come from a bunch of people who who are naturally skinny, and if my daughter (who isn't his from a former relationship) thinks she's anorexic, she is wrong. She eats like a pig and never gains more than genetics allow. Her doctor says she is fine!

Skinny can feel cold at times in our iffy winters, but it is just our situation -- NOT societal dictates or doctors' orders. Pkease don't think you should all look like Celine Dion!!!

As for my second ex's people, obesity runs in the family, and so does diabetes and heart disease, but it's self-monitoring that comes in strongly when you are of that predisposition. If you also pass on a kidney disease with the same type of mate, all the more reason not to get into a lot of KFC or pizza.

Golly, now I need new clothes!

I wish everyone success in healthy weight loss and eating, because it does pay off. And anyone can do it.

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Three rounds of that miserable intestinal flu has completely screwed up my appetite. Helps with losing weight I suppose but its messing up my glucose levels (and I'm afraid of Annie because she watches me like a hawk if I don't eat! arrgh ) Losing is painfully, boringly slow but it IS staying off and that's the important part. C'mon! I want to look like Halle Berry in that bond film!!! Should I be perfect by now?!?! :p

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