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Slimmers Unanimous - progress, tips and encouragement

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When a number of you came up with tips and support to Muzza when he announced he wanted to lose weight I thought it might be fun to have a thread dedicated (sort of) to the subject. I thought it could include ideas etc about getting/keeping fit, giving up smoking as well as losing weight. Any other relevant topic is welcome too.

Feel free to add what you are trying to do, what you have done in the past that works and encouragement (and harassment laugh ) to those attempting these things.

Muzza has started his weight loss "program???"; join him and others in having fun on this thread.

Kiwi spin

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A lot of my friends and family have asked me to put up the same type of stuff on my MySpace to help them to get fit, so I probably won’t be putting anything up here. I’m planning to start entries this weekend and will add to it when I have time. Y’all are welcome to read along on the blog at Mel\'s space anytime you want. Questions and encouraging or supportive comments are welcome.

In my L.A. M&G photo, I was super morbidly obese at 105 pounds overweight. Now I'm just overweight and hope to be off of a weight loss plan and on a weight management plan in two more months. The best tip I know is DON'T GIVE UP!

Extra special thanks to Bernie for keeping the M&G photos online so I could obsess over Wally being 15 inches taller than me and my thighs three times the size of his. eekcryingbaby

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1. Take in less calories than you burn until you get to the weight you want. When you get there take in the same amount of calories that you burn.

2. Work out during and after the weight loss. Don't over-do the workout regiment or you won't stay with it. Do something you like cuz again you're more likely to stick with it.....and just as importantly because it's FUN! I do some very light lifting type stuff indoors but most my working out is done outdoors (biking, running, swimming etc) because I love outdoor physical activity and viewing nature etc. I probably work out more because I like it than for the health benefits.

3. If you perspire when working out..shower at least once/month.. confused


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My weight loss tip is the "D" word. Not the "D" you're thinking of. D-I-V-O-R-C-E ! I was so stressed out 25 pounds fell off seemingly overnight.

Not to mention getting rid of the other 170 pounds of dead weight I was carrying around.

Please note: This is not recommended for everyone. Just those who are completely miserable in their marriage, so it certainly does not apply here. smile

Seriously though, I've kept the weight off, but with age everything is shifting so I'm looking forward to my twice weekly Pilates class starting mid-month. And to getting back to a regular walking routine when the nice weather resumes.

Best Wishes Muzza !

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Putting a picture of Christie Brinkley (since she got older but still looks terrific)on my refrigerator inspired me to lose a few pounds and tone up. I think putting a picture of myself taken when a quite a few years younger and a few pounds lighter might do it this year. At least, I'm hoping...

smile --Darlene

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Muzz, I bet Kiwi wouldn't mind if Christy signed it:

"To Kiwi, the best woman.... etc etc" (chicks can't pass up a compliment.. arrgh )

I'll ask Christy if you'd like....she's coming over tonight (she's applying to become the 9th member of my harem)..

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The doctors still can't get my pituitary/adrenal/thyroid connection to kick in so weight loss will still be a problem. (Did great when they switched meds for awhile and I lost 90 lbs but then that fell apart when my body chemistry reshifted.)

However, I can still get on board with increasing my fluid intake and my fruit/veggie intake! Also, anybody have any good suggestions or info on detoxing? Maybe that'll help speed things up and kick things in.

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Kathy Lee.. one of the girls from Muzzas work did it last year. Her naturopath made up a potion of herbs for her to take..each person has different needs. She had to take a few drops each day and drink heaps of water. And she had to eat careful. No junkfood etc.

She said she had headaches for the first week but was told that was to be expected and things settled down after that.

One warning though about this method... she's pregnant now. laugh

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Ecstacy, I eat vegetables a lot too, I eat mangos, cranberries, oranges.

Chicken, Pizza, Chinese food, drink Tea, herbal teas, Now I have this new tea, it's a spice tea, Herbal the spices are from the Himalaya mountains.

Really good for you.

Keep in mind, Ginger Or Garlic in your hot drinks is good.

Lot's of walking is better than running.

You definately need to try to use your toilet as much as you can, but, not like me, ok

I'm different. I have a illness.

That's a great start.

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Ok, folks, I'm making a little bit of progress. I'm doing much better with increasing fluids and am preparing to stock the kitchen with fresh fruits/veggies again.

I finally AM able to do very small amounts of exercise again (as long as I'm careful and don't blow out my adrenals again!) I started with 15 min of treadmill on Monday and my stats improved!!! Tuesday I felt I didn't want to push with more aerobics (I'm listening to my body, Diane!) so I did 15 min of small free weights. Stats didn't look as great and I felt drained so I took the cue that I need to go to every other day until my stats are stable. Small --- but it's a start!!!

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