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Happy Chanukah


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Thank you everyone for another year of "Nachas"-(Pleasure).

Being part of this site...and being part of the concerts, friendships,and community,...that this site has provided... has been worth "More Than I Can Say".

May you all get everything you desire in this coming year... "2-ARU" ("After Raspberries Reunion").-Ira.

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Happy Chanukah Ira,

I grew next door to a lovely Jewish lady who had no family near her in Miami. Mrs Wolfe took great pride in sharing her traditions with us. She taught us to make Halvah and Sfganiyout/doughnuts. I am sure she must have passed on by now but, I will always think of her at Chanukah.

God Bless

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From "down under in New Zealand" ... we wish Happy Chanukah and greetings. We really love the mix of cultures that merge on this board and wish everybody the fulfilment of all your wishes and may your lives be bright with hope and peace.

A special thanks to Ira for his contributions to this EC.com family.

Kiwi and Muzza

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Happy Chanuka, Ira, and everyone. Some spell it Hanuka, also.

For those of you wanting to know, a candle is lit, from right to left, on each night for eight days. First night is one. Second night is one and two. Third is one, two and three, etc., until all are finally lit by the eighth night. Only the ninth candle lights the row of eight candles. It is known as the servant candle.

We just had our celebration Saturday, with our congregation- The history of the celebration; songs. A great catered lunch with roasted beef and gravy, salads with choices of dressings, latkes, applesauce, green beans mixed with corn, rolls, desserts, soda and water.

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