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Box Tops vs. Big Star

Matthew C. Clark

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The pop rock group The Box Tops was formed in Memphis in 1966. Bass player Bill Cunningham is the brother of B.B. Cunningham of the group The Hombres (who had the song "Let It Out" (Let It All Hang Out) which went to # 12 back in October of 1967. The Hombres had one more song called "It's A Gas" which went to # 113 back in January of 1968 on the Billboard Bubbling Under The Hot 100 Charts. On the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts, the album "Let It Out" (Let It All Hang Out) went to # 180 back in December of 1967. On the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, the Box Tops "The Letter" went to # 1 for 4 weeks back on September 23, 1967 till October 14, 1967. The next single "Neon Rainbow" went to # 24 back in December of 1967. The song "Cry Like A Baby" went to # 2 for 2 weeks back on April 27, 1968 & May 4, 1968. It was kept by the song "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro (which spent the third & fourth week at # 1). Other singles were "Choo Choo Train" # 26 (Hot 100) June of 1968, "I Met Her In Church" # 37 (Hot 100) September 1968, "Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March" # 28 (Hot 100) January 1969, "I Shall Be Released" (Bob Dylan remake) # 67 (Hot 100) May 1969, "Soul Deep" # 18 (Hot 100) August 1969, "Turn On A Dream" (their last single for Mala) # 58 (Hot 100) November 1969 & their last single "You Keep Tightening Up On Me" (on Bell Records, the rainbow label) # 92 (Hot 100) March 1970 which is one of my favorite Box Tops song of all time. On the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts, the album "The Letter/Neon Rainbow" went to # 87 back on January 1968, "Cry Like A Baby" went to # 59 back on June of 1968, "The Box Tops Super Hits" went to # 45 back in Feburary 1969 & "Dimensions" went to # 77 back on October 1969 all on Bell Records. The group called Big Star did NOT chart on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts nor Bubbled Under whatsoever. Matt

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