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Come to Canada! Take the Bus? Warning!

Tony Cartmill

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I don't know anymore than what has been said in the media. However I do know that most towns/cities within Canada have a 'not in my backyard' attitude sometimes when it comes to the mentally ill...so instead of dealing with the issues with the individual...often times once they are released from say a 72 involentary hold most hospitals 'treat em and street 'em ' by providing them with a one way ticket on a greyhound to the next town. This is something I know as fact. The only thing that makes any remote bit of sense to me is this guy was either never on meds but needed to be...or off meds and experiencing horrific hallucinations which lead to this tragedy. I am just so upset for that poor young man (he was only 17)'s family and also for every single person who will never ever be able to forget their busride TO HELL!! If I find out anything further, I will post an update. I called a friend who lives in the states and she thought that sounded like something out of a horror movie...Greyhound had a chance to make security changes within Canada a few years ago when we had a terrible incident happen just outside Thunder Bay (Between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay)...in fact my niece(who is a nurse) was one of the first people on the scene and assisting to this incident the best she could. Needless to say, it was a young man who had a mental illness and he did cause a tragic accident when he took over the wheel of the bus and it skidded into a ravine in the middle of a blinding snowstorm. Greyhound had a chance to do the right thing then...they didn't. I feel, in some ways, this tragedy might have been 'possibley' avoided if they had even taken the most basic of security steps.

*Vera* frown

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I heard the story, which leads me to believe paranoid schizophrenia was involved.

MOST of us are very nice people, and there were likely many strong people who could have restrained the assailant. But due to our instinct for self-preservation, we often don't intervene.

The "mental health system" is screwy these days. Even getting help for depression is a long wait, and I told my doctor if there was to e no assistance for my depression, I was refusing a uterine biopsy, and I did it. I'm going into menopause, NOT having cancer! Did you know that most referrals are decided upon by receptionists and not even looked into by doctors now? THAT'S The Truth.

Sad, but they even botched a friend's hernia operation. It was "cash on the barrelhead" and still went badly. The repair job likely costs more.

So, just as in the music industry and broadcasting, there must be accountability. Hey, I have an idea, let's call for it! (A revolutionary idea.)

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That horribly tragic incident could have happened anywhere. Here in the US, there was a change in treating the mentally ill by de-institutionalization. That's why so many are on the streets and off their meds.

For the most part, you cannot look at someone and tell they are disabled by mental illness.

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Well, we want it back, but the small number of reasonable doubt cases lead bleeding-hearts out to rallies.

Insanity as a plea? If you KNOW you aren't taking your medication for those voices and sights, do not tell me you aren't in some way responsible.

While I heard more of the case discussed today, I would rather not dwell on it, and yes, sometimes you have to be selfish in that way so you can raise your kids and run your life in a sensible manner. There were two stabbings in my city alone just last night.

De-institutionalization is the new North American fad, and it could be stopped if we told our elected officials what we need in sufficient numbers. This is for the protection and well-being of the patients, too, BTW.

Refusing a brain scan, abortion or skin treatment is one thing; refusing to be held and treated for mental illness is quite another.

Did you know that lawyers who are not of capacity can be fired and sued? They DO! That is why they often retire, take home unfinished work, and hide it. They can't handle it, and if you don't say something, who knows what's going on.

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Well all I know is that poor fellow was someone's kid, and if it were my kid i'd be waiting and waiting and waiting until one day this moron got released and then I would do to him what he did to my son.

Sorry folks...I have no sympathy at all for a cold blooded murderer, sick or not.

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Do you know that 'life' in Canada is not truly 'life'...it is the max of 25 years unless you are someone like Paul Bernaudo and deemed a danger to society now and in the future...that is when it does become truly life. This is one part of our system that fails to equally balance Lady Justice's scales in my opinion. I don't want this guy EVER back on our streets...I feel either he goes away for good in prison or forever in some hospital...just somewhere away from society ...forever.

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Paul should be shot and... you know. And as for his former wife, she knows what she can do. She should NOT have been allowed to have a child!

Don't worry. The families invovled won't let Paul get out.

I HATE to say how close I live near the city where that happened!

Most buses are safe. It's just the people who won't throw their hips into the offenders when they're in the precise spot on the bus to incapaitate them that these things occur.

No, I don't advocate violence, but this person needed restraining, and they did confirm he was schizophrenic at the time the incident occurred. Compliance to take the medicine, however, is really hard to enforce.

Don't tell me a few years off for "good behaviour" is an excuse, either. The older I get, the more conservative I am. Maybe that's because I have family, and have had family members who helped fight for freedom.

Forgive, but protect.

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