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This marks the start of yet another holiday season. This is the time of the year when we stop and reflect and feel gratitude for all the good things we have in life that we normally take for granted instead of focusing on the things that we don’t have. Thanksgiving thoughts are the kind of thoughts that we should have all year long. Let’s all be thankful for families, good health, and the wonderful friendships we’ve formed with each other.

I wish everyone and their families a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Here’s to families, special friends and good food !! SALUTE !!!

May your stuffing be tasty

May your turkey plump,

May your potatoes and gravy

Have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious

And your pies take the prize,

And may your Thanksgiving dinner

Stay off your thighs!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends at EC.com!

At my family gathering we go around the table and every person ( including all the kids) have to say one thing that they are grateful for. Sometimes it can be funny and sometimes it can bring some of us to tears. It is always interesting!!

I am grateful for all the wonderful new friends I have made here.

Anna laugh

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Anna....that's a fantastic tradition and one that brings everything into proper perspective.

Everyone have a wonderful, healthy and loved Thanksgiving.

Last year I cooked for 24 people. I was a regular Martha Stewart....only with LESS testosterone . It nearly killed me. Two turkeys, two pork loins with cranberry/apple infusement and all the trimmings. After feeding the slobs...oops I mean Bonnie's family, I slumped in the corner of the lanai cradling a bottle of grey goose mumbling something like "never again, never again....pass the ice...never again."

This year we spend the AM in Immokalee, near where Bonnie teaches, to assist with the migrant farmer meals...then back home for our dinner for four. Big difference between last year and this.

There have been Thanksgivings with family, without family, with lots of money and no money. Although I'm thankful for my creature comforts....and Brett Favre I am really thankful for the love of family, friends and health. From those things...anything is possible.

Stay safe everyone.


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Hey folks, Happy Thanksgiving to all! I'm outta here tonight with my two girls for a six-hour drive and I might not get to check in at EC.com for a few days. So... I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for being here!

Have fun, and enjoy the holiday and your family and friends.



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As we don't have Thanksgiving here it's fun to watch you all comment about your traditions and experiences.

May it be a fun and warm time for you all and that the things, especially people, that are precious to you be part of your celebration.

And Oh yeah... see ya on the "slimmers thread"!!! laugh:rolleyes:

Muzza and Kiwi

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Though I've only met a few of you, I look forward to coming here and seeing each and everyone of you. I really do mean that. God bless you on this day and everyday.

From raining, Orange County, California...



WendyWorld! (a little weird...but maybe just too much fun) wink

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