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Heath Ledger dead....


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I recognized the name,but never saw any of the movies mentioned.The latest news report said he was found naked in bed in a New York City apartment with a bottle of sleeping pills on the nightstand.Brings back memories of Marilyn Monroe.

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my youngest girl is totally in shock..one of her fave actors is dead and also realises the impact of it on his young girl!! it's a sad state anymore for young stars..what IS really going on in their heads for this to happen? i just can't understand it all anymore..i wish his family peace ..lol,chris

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Yes, quite possibly drug related, but sounds like in this case it could very well be a terrible accident. It was noted in several places that he had trouble sleeping of late, especially while filming his role as The Joker and that he even remarked that some aids only provided a couple hours respite. Yes, I'm putting on my Pollyanna face, but at least I can for now.

Did anyone besides me watch "Roar" on FOX back circa 1996? "Keep your eyes level, stay alert, and listen with your heart" -- Connor (the lead and Ledger's character) in "Roar"

I'm still in shock. Such a talent and such a future that I, for one, was looking forward`to watching unfold.

RIP, Heath.


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I hear a recent bout with the flu lowered his ability to handle his drug interaction hobby, just like Anna Nichol Smith.

What a waste of looks and talent. He has a two-year old daughter whom he adores, and he's mixing all kinds of drugs to cope with life as an adored movie star...

Some guys just don't know when they got it good.

I'm sad, but also disgusted.

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Very sad indeed. He had so much going for him, and a career on the rise. His daughter is adorable--what a tragedy for her as well. This happens much too often--it's like the same movie playing over and over--and they don't learn from seeing it happen to others.

RIP Heath.

frown --Darlene

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